Where's my other sock?

Kitties running a muck, that is what went on today. They definitely tore it up today. When I got home from work things were all out of order. My newly tie-dyed socks, actually sock, was in the living room it had been way up in a hamper in the bedroom. Picked that up, went to find the other one and it was no where. I finally found it at the other end of the house underneath our adult cat, and I know she didn't do it. Smart little kitties, setting up their older sister at such a young age. But that was not all. My robe, which I laid on the bed this morning was out on the dogs' blanket. Seeing how that has never happened before I know it was the kitties. What I cannot figure out is how they carried it, they are not even ten pounds between them. Like I said smart little kitties.

Other than that not much went on today. Just another day at work! Oh, I did add a new pic to my web page of the little terror cats, if one cares to take a peek.

Keep it real.



Sheila said...

Where is the web page to see these little terrors?

Library Bunny said...

There ya go!!!!!!