Forever and a day

Yes that is how long it has been since I posted last, my apologies.

Not much has happened over the last week or so. I lost one and won one in fantasy football, the Packers lost two games, and there has been weather from at least two hurricanes. Nope not much here. We have received no less then three frantic phone calls from family members wondering if we were safe. They really shouldn't watch the weather channel, things get hyped a bit a think for national--they were bad where they hit, but the "Cone of Probability" can be a little scary.

Back to football. The Packers did lose, but at least they were relatively good games so that helps. As for my SCCheeseHeads we are doing much better. I was down to 7 of 14 but with some help, and you know who you are, I am back up to third place. Hurray! So, for football there is an up side as well as a down side, sure do wish it was only an up side but you can't win all the time.

The library has been going, it has its ups and downs too, good thing is is on the up side more often because I'm not sure if I would have any hair left. I mean really, I have one good nerve but even that end gets frayed from time to time. For those of you who help twist that nerve back to good, thank you, for those of you who fray it, please STOP!!!! :P

Well that is all from this little bunny hole.
Keep it real and keep on keepin' on.



Yep, Thank God its Thursday!!

First, sorry it has been awhile, I have been tired and busy--as usual.

Second, today was not your average day. I got up reluctantly and got ready for work. Out the door about the same time as usual, well if I don't need to get gas. On my way to work all was going well, was a little behind schedule but no big deal I was not going to be late. I was just about to St. Matthews--I had just crossed the river, and a saw a State Trooper, checked my speed--cruise set at 60 mph no problem. Rollers came on, I slowed down, the squad car did a U-Turn on the highway, since no one else was in my lane I pulled over. I had no idea, with it drizzling I couldn't even believe I was getting pulled. Mister Police man approaches my car, staying behind my window making me turn to look at him. He asks for all the usual so I handed him everything and asked what the problem was, it was very television movie like. He said, "I clocked you going 76 in a 55," my jaw must have hit the steering wheel and my eyes bugged out of my head. I informed him that I set my cruise at 60 and I had checked my speed when I saw him. He then asked me why I went 60 in a 55 and I told him, "So the tree trucks don't run me off the road." He gave me a look like, uh that seems logical. He then went to his car, it didn't take long and he was back at my window. He told me that he had not cleared his camera from the last stop and that he was going to give me the benefit of the doubt and just issue me a warning. There was more, like where was I going and what time I had to be there, but it all worked out well, at least better then it could have. Want to wake up quick in the morning have rollers in your rear view mirror at 730 am. Well, needles to say the hubby is not all to happy with me, not sure if this will affect our safe drivers thing, but he is happy that it was not a ticket. He cannot believe that I told the cop I was speeding and did not get a ticket for that--but I really did not want to lie to him, plus it just came out. The one thing I forgot, he spelled my name wrong on the warning, so I guess I did not get a warning after all. Silly little "H!"

Other then that not much else has been going on. Monday Night Football was a great game and the Packers did win, hurray, and I even won my Fantasy Football game and my rank in the VFL is 5th of 14-Cheese Head-Hurray. My team needs some serious help, so if anyone has some suggestions please let me know, I really need some receivers that receive and some another running back that actually runs. Ah yes, football one of the reasons to love fall so very much.
Football 4

Well, there, now everyone is caught up. Sorry no real rants today, other than the "h" getting put on my name, but that is actually an old rant so we will save that one for maybe a rainier day then today. Hurricanes need to go away, thank you very much. Well I am back to my bunny hole, make it a good one.

Keep it real.


Finally football season has kicked off and into high gear. I am currently watching the Monday Night Football game Green Bay Packers vs. Carolina Panthers (Go Pack!), I listen to Field Pass on the Internet when the commentators start talking stupid. So yesterday was Fantasy Football day and boy what a day--I love the NFL Sunday Ticket. Yeah Packers just pulled ahead. Back to yesterday. I watched and listened to so many football games my head was spinning. I kept track of my fantasy team the SC CheeseHead by watching the Stat Tracker, that is a cool little feature. Then I flipped the Sunday Ticket between two or three games at 1 and again at 4, plus I listened to another game online, mute teleprompts on the TV. Football, is that a safe addiction?

Not much else to report except that the Sewer Rat Cat likes to take showers, go figure.

Oh, my Secret Pal likes me now, or at least feels very obligated to get me stuff. I first got a card and candy--Twizzler Bites and Good & Plenties, mmmmmmm. Then today I got a card and a Monkey that actually screeches. Very interesting--Hey! Get that monkey off my back!--and loud. Maybe it is a message that the library is really full of wild animals. Remind me to post the quote on my office door.

Second Half. :)

Back to my Green & Gold Bunny Hole.
Keep it real.

Meetings and scavenger hunts

Well my week of meetings is finally done, I had at least one meeting everyday this week. All of those meetings can make it difficult to get done all the stuff that needs to get done--and there is a lot to be done, TRUST ME. I did manage to create some catalog records from items I could not find in FirstSearch, pretty cool, I like it when I can cross things off my list. Unfortunately due to Frances moving north FirstSearch was having some major slow downs (just my idea as to why it was moving at a snails pace on Thursday.) Meetings went rather well too, well as far as meetings go. This week I have only two, back to back library committee and Hiz Day, but at least those are relatively productive.

Hiz Day seems to be coming along nicely. We have been organizing fund raisers so that we will be able to afford sound and a big name band, or at least a labeled band. The event is April 30, 2005 at SMC believing to start at noon. What is Hiz Day you ask. Well it is a music celebration of Christ and all that he has done for us--Bless this day that the Lord has made. If you are in the O'burg area that day stop by and enjoy the music.

Ah, yes my weekly scavenger hunt was on again this morning. That is what I call my weekly trips to Wally World for supplies. I say this because it never fails that I have to ask someone where something is--like tooth picks today, somehow I got lucky and found the one blue vest that actually knew where they were (the only lucky thing all day). Then I get to the soup isle, what is it with this isle that makes them think that it should be rearranged every three months. When I got there this elderly lady was telling the soup lady that they should stop mixing everything up because she can never find it and it seems like once she has learned where it is they move it. She replied with some comment about new products being eye-level and the lady spouted back, "that's not my eye leave!" Bless her, it really was cute, and she was telling the truth. They seem to rearrange that store all the time, just when you get the new configuration down they switch it on you, if they are still carrying it.

The last time it happened was when I was laid up from surgery, the hubby was doing all the grocery shopping, well on day he was gone a particularly long time considering the list was not that long. Come to find out they had moved every thing around and it took him twice as long to get half as much. I suppose they do it so that people wander more and then buy more. But really they shouldn't do that, people's time is very precious to them. Even if I do have time to wander through that store trying to find something is not how I would like to spend it. Maybe looking through the DVD's on sale or through all the CD's, or even the crafting area, but not for an item that was on row 8b last week that has now made it one section over and six rows up. And those signs at the end of the rows do not help at all, well at least on the rows where they have them, and why is only one end of the row marked, what if you are coming from the other side, lets be logical here. Yep scavenger hunts can be so entertaining at 9 am on Friday, at least I got my exercise.

How's that for a rant?

Well this bunny needs to go to her hole. Hope all is well, keep it real.

Cat in a box

Our cats have always loved boxes, to play in them and eat them (don't ask). But the little terror cat more than loves boxes, if one is in the house he is in it. It doesn't even matter the size. Last night he was in a soda 12 pack box. And when he is in the box you can do almost anything to him. Last night while in the box the hubby was flipping him around and he just took it. Now tonight he has been fighting for control of a large cooler box. The fight is not with his little sisters either, it is with the big one and she only out weighs him by about 15 pounds. He certainly is as courageous as he is curios. Usually she backs down from him but not tonight, nope she was like this is my box go play in the other one. Very interesting. Funny how you won't know he is even around and then out of a box he comes flying (maybe a bell on his collar would be a good idea--well except when he is chasing his tail at insanely early hours of the morning.)

Okay quick note, enough with the hurricanes already. One would think being in the midlands of South Cackalacki we would not need to worry as much about these types of storms, but we do. Last year we could actually hear the hurricane off the coast of Myrtle Beach, but this year there has been more. We felt some winds from Charlie and with Frances we got over 5 inches of rain and wind, luckily the tornados from each missed us. Now we are looking at Ivan, waiting and wondering what it is going to do. I am truly hoping that it misses us, but I am very worried about FLA, I have friends and acquaintances there.

Well that is all for now from this little bunny hole, hope all is well in your little hole.
Keep it real.

Cleaning and late night calls

Howdy all, sorry its been a while I have been tired, playing with my music, and just plain busy with everything. Both my home and work offices are coming together, unfortunately between my cabinets at work and my closet at home are still in desperate need, and I really need to get those little projects in my office finished. Cleaning, not my favorite thing, never has been.

Not much has been up, meetings at work and animals at the house. On Sunday the terror cat woke me up by nibbling on my toes, better then the lawn mower but actually earlier, I just can't win.

I did finally get a call back from my big brother, I talk to his answering machine more than him. However, he was true to his form of calling at all hours. He called at midnight Sunday/Monday to ask me where I work. I really need to tell him to check the business card. I guess he had some patrons at his establishment in Nashville in town for the Carolina game and they got to talking and he needed to know where I work. He always thinks its Southern Baptist so he wanted to get it right. Like I said check the business card. He is such a nut, really need to schedule that trip to see him, but with everything going on I do not think it will be any time soon, maybe during hockey season and see a Predators game. (Good idea, always thinking.)

Well that is it from this bunny hole, keep it real.

Another Day

Ah Saturday, a day to sleep in and relax. Not here, nope bright and early 730 am someone is mowing their lawn. I mean really people is that necessary, how rude. I could hardly believe it, I guess that is why some people say some people are alive simply because it is against the law to kill them. Maybe it should be against the law to mow before 9 am on a Saturday. Sheesh!!

Other than that the day went pretty well. We drove to Lexington to get a new front axel arm for the hubbies new toy. He needed a new part because he broke the other one by ramming the truck into a steel tiki torch pole at warp speed. Yep he broke it the first day he really had it to play with. Oh well, no big deal the piece wasn't to diffecult nor expensive to replace. After that we went to Best Buy to get some CDs, basically that is why I drove or went along for that matter. It was strange at the hobby shop, not many women most go there, because it got quiet and they all looked strangely at me when I walked in first. I felt like I was tresspassing, but oh well sorry to walk in on the testosterone parade. Back to Best Buy, I got three CDs and then we went to look at MP3 players--it was going to be just looking. However, I did end up getting a really nice one, it is 20 gigs with a remote, very cool. Haven't had much time to play with it but I am sure that it will help my "music 'whoring'" go to a whole new level. (For those of you who do not know me I lovingly refer to myself as a music whore because I love music--most kinds, and have all kinds of it, so please do not get offended it is all in fun). Yep, now I have the 40 gig slave drive full on the old desk top, many MBs on the laptop, many CD's original and personal mixes (I really love doing this) and another 20 gigs on the little player life is good.
Electric Slide

As far as work goes I started yet another project. Cataloging and making accessible the rare books in the Methodist Collection, this is going to be a big one. Due to this I have decided that periodicals can wait to be bound, I am going to have some of these books rebound instead. I mean we have them but they are hiding in the open because no one knows that we have them, and if I have them bound then they can be used, even if it is only within the confines of the library. Isn't it better to have access then to have no access at all? So, besides binding I will need to get some other supplies because rare books are handled differently but in the end it should all be worth it. Other than that we are still redoing the collection, have to enter in the OSGGS sources into the catalog as well--what kind of librarian am I trying to make access easier for patrons, shame on me, painting, and meetings. I love meetings could have them all day everyday, NOT. I have one this coming week in particular that I am somewhat nervous about so say a prayer and think of me at 830 Wednesday morning, is that to early to be professional and adorable all at the same time?

Well there it is another day or so in a nut shell, hey look its me in a nut shell. Keep it real kids. Back to my bunny hole.


Why do people wait five minutes at a stop sign and then pull out in front of you when there is no traffic behind you? Thanks for the break and horn check but my heart didn't need all that excitement.

Why does fore said person then insist on going below the speed limit? I mean really they were in such a hurry to get in front of me, the accelerator is the long vertical peddle on the right.

Why do people give you the dirty look when you honk at them for their idiotic driving ability? Using the term ability loosely here.

Why do people with trucks, especially the Z71 Off Road, have spinner wheels? I have seen this.

Why do people spend all that money on 4 wheel drive vehicles when they know they will never use them for that purpose? i.e., the Escalade--I mean really people can we be practical here. Oh and someone please explain to me the reason for a low-rider pick up truck, because I am totally confused on that.

Ahh the joys of driving, there is one good thing about the stupid drivers: they allow for me to vent on the way home from work. The down side, in the morning it can really be a bummer, lucky for me Ace and TJ can keep me laughing. And if all else fails, good heavy rock and roll real loud can do the job!
Head Banger

There, glad I got out of the way.

This week has been another week of Mondays, or at least it seems like that. Work has been okay, some irritations but I have been trying to handle them calmly and professionally. Besides that it just seems like I never have enough time in my day to get all my work done. My to-do list gets things crossed off but it never seems to get shorter either. One day at a time, just have to keep reminding myself of that, otherwise I will go more insane then some think I already am.

On the brighter side, we now have wireless networking in the house. I am so excited about it, no more yelling at the terror cats to stop chewing on the cord. Not to mention I will be able to access my 40 gigs of music on the old desk top, woo-whoo, I could do a jig but I don't want to blow out the knee.

Well that's it for now from this little bunny hole. Keep it real.