Third Times a Charm

Let us all hope that that rings true.

Had the third procedure on my right knee on Wednesday, which means the third visit to the surgery center. They remembered me from my previous visits, and as usual were all very sweet and helpful to us. We got there about 11 a.m. and were home by 4 p.m. so it wasn't too bad, but then again I was drugged for the most partCyclops

I had the excess scar tissue removed from my knee, and the doctors seemed surprised by the amount of it they took out. It was causing more problems and could have really caused major problems in the future, so it is a very good thing that it was removed. I am not on crutches for three weeks, but I can put weight on it and move it around some, I don't have full range of motion but it is wrapped in an ace bandage. I have three little holes around my knee cap, one stitch per hole. These should be removed on Tuesday when I go to the doctor, hopefully after that he will let me drive, other wise I am not sure when I will be able to go back to work. I have had no physical therapy prescribed yet, but that may be coming on Tuesday as well. No matter what it is not as bad as the ACL repair or the manipulation after that.

Not much else has been going on here.

My animals have been taking good care of me. The terror cat has turned to little cuddle catCat 17. In fact he is sleeping on me right now. All five of them can be on the futon with me with out any incidents, no hissing or anything. It is amazing how animals can sense that there is something wrong. They even seem to miss my knee as they walk on me. They sure are cute.

Other than that there is football. The Packers beat the Vikings Running Man last week in a very good game, 34-31. After the game we called our best friend and rubbed it in, he is a Queen fan so we had to do it. Laughing 2

The SCCheeseHead won also, so that is three in a row and ranked fifth in the league. This week will be another difficult one for the SCCH, the team being played is ranked tenth but has some very strong players. I have made some trades and moved some players around so I am hoping that this will be for the better. I will keep everyone posted. As for the Packers we are at Houston this week for a Sunday Night game, looking forward to it, hope for another really good game and a tally in the win column.

Well that is about it from this bunny hole, hope all is well out there. Go read a book and turn those library books in on time. :) Keep on keepin' it, peace
Librarian on the loose
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What's up Doc?

Life has been very crazy since my vacation.

The Friday I got home I had a doctor's appointment with my Orthopedic Surgeon. I informed him of the pain and stiffness that seems to be more often than not. He told me that it was scar tissue and that I could have it removed orthoscopically if I wanted to. I needed to think about this, I went and talked to my physical therapist, talked to my nurse, discussed it with my husband, and made a decision. So on Wednesday, November 17th say a little prayer for me. This is the third procedure on my right knee is just under a year, so it is old and new again. At least it will not be near as intense as the initial surgery. It was Christmas last year, this year it is Thanksgiving, ya just gotta love the holidays.

Other than this I have been doing a bit of crafting. I finally finished the "Packers Paws" page for our family album, game day is a big deal at our house. I have also laid out a family page, another wedding page, and two cards. Yep, yep I am a crafting machine. I can say that I truly love my Sizzix Die Cut system and die cuts. I have also really organized my space to allow for maximum scrapping capacity, between shelving and tool boxes life is good.

The SC CheeseHeads have won the last couple of weeks, which I like. I am currently in 7th place out of the 14 teams in the VFL. I even managed to beat the number one team last week, only by about 20 points but it was a win. The Green Bay Packers had a bye week last week, but they had won the three games going into the bye, good momentum. This week we (as if I am part of the team or something) play the Minnesota Vikings, or as we call them the Queens. The game is at Lambeau, however it is the Milwaukee season ticket holders game this week so no family in the stands. I really need a program from this game to see if the picture of my shoes made it in on the fan page. I guess I will have to keep my eyes open on eBay.

A new member of the family was born this last week, see previous post. A third little boy to my sister-in-law and her husband--named Ryan Dillon. I was hoping it would be a little girl, but a little boy will do just fine. Have not seen any pictures of him yet but my mother-in-law told me he was really cute, similar to his oldest brother as a baby. She may be biased, but I am going to believe her on this one.

I have made some updates to my web page, visit it if you wish.
That is all from this bunny hole, until next time, keep on keepin' it. Peace out

Vacation? Part 2

As promised the bad side of my vacation.

All in all the trip was not that bad, there were a few situations that could have been better but they were out of my control. The one that set the vacation on fire was my trip back home to South Cakalaki. I was flying out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, a one gate airport--this not the problem. The problem was that my flight was at 530 in the morning and everyone said that if I got there by 5 I would be okay. I wanted to be there by 445 but since I was not driving I was out voted. To make a long story short, I showed up at the airport a few minutes after 5 and the check in counter was closed. No sign stating that the flights closed 30 minutes before the flight just a stupid little bell. Well I rang that little bell and rang it for 20 minutes. No one came to help, not that I can blame them I was getting very livid, I just wanted to go home. I called my mom and yelled, called my sister and yelled (she is the one who brought me to the airport and decided that 5 would be a fine time), and I called the husband crying. Not a good morning.

I got to watch my own flight take off, no way to help myself I plugged in my cell phone and waited for the staff to show back up at the ticket window. Turns out that they are the ones who signal the plane out to the run-way and everything--like I said a very tiny airport. The people show back up to the counter, I have tried to regain my composure and went to the desk to see what I could do. I informed him of the situation--that I got to the airport about 5 and no one would help me, he said that I got there at 508 because he saw me as he opened security. Man I wanted to choke him. I mean the least he could have done was come over and tell me the situation or something, but no. Using my better judgment I let his comment pass, I really just wanted to get him. The next flight out was leaving after my flight out of Minneapolis was suppose to be leaving--there goes making that connection and the next in Atlanta to make my happy way home. Mister man informs me that the next flight is full, but he can put me on stand-by and if that flight doesn't work I can get on the noon flight, which is when I was suppose to be back in SC.

So, I get put on stand-by and my baggage gets checked. I am the only person in the airport and I had pitched a fit earlier--any ideas on how this turned out? I can say it sure is interesting watching your own suitcase get completely and totally ransacked--everything was checked. My stuffed animal got swabbed for explosives and x-rayed. They used at least twenty of those swab things on the inside of my suitcase--the suitcase can be used as a carry on its that small. It was truly a wonderful experience to see my tax dollars at work. I understand that they needed to screen the stuff, but honestly I only missed my plane, I am sure that it happens. I made it through that. But it did make me worry about the actual security section of the airport. The only good thing is that I did not have my knee brace so I would not have to go through that, but I kept thinking, I will be going into that little room for the full cavity search. Thank goodness that did not happen, I made it through with out incident.

Back to the plane ride. I managed to make it on the next flight out, they had flight numbers for me to check on when I got to Minneapolis, but none of them were guaranteed because I was changing from NorthWest to Delta and they couldn't book me on those flights. So, I knew I was on a plane to MN, but I did not know if I would be staying there long or not. I got to the airport in Minneapolis, found an electric cart to take me to the Delta terminal and hopefully my next gate, and I got there with plenty of time. I went to the ticket counter and checked in about seat availability, and there were some--I did a little cheer--then I found out she had me seats all the way to Columbia. I could have hugged that woman, no coffee in me, one missed flight and it wasn't even 8 am, I really needed something positive. I did tell the woman that she was beautiful and to praise the Lord I was going home. I then went and got some coffee.

Coffee is a term I will lose loosely. That was the nastiest coffee I have had in ages, this after a week of decaf. I used at least a dozen sugar packets and six creamers in a 12 oz coffee and it was still bad, to bad I didn't have enough time to walk the mile back to Starbucks for some real good coffee.

I did almost miss my plane in Atlanta, but I didn't, made it to the gate just as they started boarding. I have never been so happy to get on a plane in all my life. I made it back only two hours later than originally planned, but I made it safe and sound--stressed, but safe.

I met a soldier on the plane, she and her husband both serve. She found out the week earlier that she is pregnant and due in May, the next day her husband received orders to go to Bosnia. She told me that Bosnia is worse then Iraq and that she would rather he was going to Iraq. She is due for medical release but her husband will be gone for the next year, he will miss their baby being born. I did not get her name but I told her we would shout one out for her and her family,
pray for them and all the troops, and when you see a Vet say thank you--they deserve it.

Well that is the end of my vacation story--I had to cool down before I could share all of it.

Hurray, I am a new Aunt!!! My third nephew was born today--7+ pounds. More details as I get them.

Back to my bunny hole, keep on keepin' it real. ;)