What a Week!

Yes, a week it surely was and I am meaning that in the best way possible.

Monday started out pretty normal, not sure if I did much, other than cleaning and the usual. Went to a friends for a little while in the evening.

Tuesday started out normal, you know get up drink coffee check emails, exercise, eat lunch and clean, again the same old same old. Well, I was online in the afternoon and working on some stuff in my scrappy room. Then DH told me he was on his way home so I got off line in case he needed to call. Checked the phone for messages, and there were some. First one, nothing major, second one put me on Cloud 9! It was the director of the USC Law Library calling, well I know they do not call if you didn't get the job so I got very excited. I called him back, and left a message. After doing a happy dance in the kitchen and freaking out all the animals I decided that I better do something to keep myself busy waiting for the phone to ring. (I have been waiting for the phone to ring for two months, but knowing it was going to made the anxiety that much more!) The phone rings, I know who it is thanks to caller ID. I try to stay calm but my excitement level is through the roof. So, I am offered the cataloging job at the library all I could say was whoa hooo, I know not real professional but hey I am like way excited about this. Well by the time I got off the phone with mister director man I could barely contain myself, I was bouncing, bouncing off the walls, bouncing off the ceiling just plain bouncing.

So, I call my mom since DH is still not home from work yet. I say, "guess what" and she says "what" and I said "I GOT A JOB!" I think she was more excited than I was because she did a whoop and holler I usually only hear during a long touchdown run during a Green Bay Packer football game. I talked to her about the job and what all this means for so many aspects of our life. She gets a call, she isn't gone long, then I get a call, its my older sister. "Hello" "whoa hooo, now talk to mom." She is so silly! I talked to mom until DH got home.

DH gets home, he looks so tired, but he can tell there is something up because my smile was way beyond ear to ear. He gets in the house and I tell him, "You are looking at the new cataloging librarian at the USC Law Library!" and he says "whoa hoo!" We were both very excited that we did a little dance :D. We then both got ready and went out to eat at the Mexican place in town, I even had a Margaritta and it was yumm yumm yummy. My face is still sore from all that smiling.

Wednesday, besides still being on a high from being gainfully employed I didn't do much!!! LOL, I did put in an order from some scrappy supplies and I believe I even got a little creative and made some pages. I have actually be very productive this week, between Monday and Friday I did one double page layout and two single page layouts, very good for me.

Thursday, I had some errands to run. Get the oil changed in DH's car, groceries, enlarge some pics, and do some laundry. Lots to do and I got it all done.

Friday, it all sunk in when I got the letter from USC offering me the job. I think I will have it framed. I got everything I needed put together to accept the job, now I just have to get my transcripts and find out what time I need to be to work. I also got all my stuff ready to go to CKC on Saturday, which was even more exciting because I had a job too.

Saturday, CKC is finally here. CKC is a Scrapbooking Convention put on by Creative Keepsakes and it was up in Charlotte. So, my scrappy friend and I loaded up the car, once again, and headed north this time to the Queen City. We got there just in time to start our Volunteer sifts. Four hours of being Teaching Assistant was very cool, got me lots of free stuff and admittance into the Vendor Fair. OMG the Vendor Fair was awesome, there was so much there, stamps, ink, paper, dies, embellishments, and so much more. I had some fun at a couple places. We both had a couple classes in the afternoon, which were fun. I learned how to make a flip flop album and a waterfall album with an accordion fold--very cool. I still have both of those to finish but I want to put my own personal touches on them. After classes got done we had about one and a half hours before the Send-Off Crop, so we decided to go get supper. Now, you would think on a Saturday afternoon, downtown Charlotte, NC across the street from a convention center there would not only be numerous restaurants but those numerous restaurants would be open? Oh no, that would have been too easy. Well, there was one place but since we had pizza for lunch we didn't want it again (a menu would have been handy) , so we set off to find supper. Well, get to one place closed, second place closed, third place way to expensive, fourth place a little bit more formal then what we are wearing. So, after walking at least 20 blocks we ended up eating at where we started, and guess what they had much more than pizza, in fact the burgers were very good. Man do my feet and legs hurt this morning.

On to the crop we go, only a few minutes late but we made it. We find a table, and luck out with there being two very fun ladies sitting there which was great. I got lots done in the less then 4 hours or so that we had. I did two single pages and one double page layouts. At this rate both the wedding and Jamaica albums will be done in no time. The drive out of Charlotte was a little interesting, and lets just leave it at that. We got home late, but I think it was worth it (as I sit here with very sore feet and legs.) I took a shower and hit the bed, and after a few tosses and turns I feel asleep.

Sunday, slept late and woke up sore! So, I am spending the day lounging on my couch while DH plays a video game. I do so like days like this, time together, all the animals cuddled up and sleeping near by.

So, that was my week, a great week! Hope that every one else had a super fantastic fun filled happy week as well. That's it from the Bunny Hole, keep on keepin it real. Peace out!