Still In Shock!!

Yes, I have knows since last Friday morning that I was chosen as one of six Guest Designers for Outta This Funk (OOTF), and I am still in total shock. I so cannot believe that I was picked, the amount of talent in that community is amazing!! I can say I am glad to see that my friends Nutter and Frogs were chosen as well, who knows the craziness we can get into on this one. I do have to say that I am totally honored to have been picked, the Inspiration Team members are some of my favorites of all time. So, having them pick me is beyond an honor. When I sent in my bio, I had no idea what to write, the only time I have ever done anything like that is for a cover letter, which is totally different. I realized I forgot to say how long I have scrapped or anything like that. But as hubby says, they all know you so really, but then there are members there that do not know me, so I wish I would have put more. But I guess if they want to know they can always ask.

So, I can say I am a designer, lol, even if its just a guest spot, its still very cool. If you would like to take a peek at OOTF please do. If you are a scrapper you will be sure to enjoy it, and gain lots of inspiration, if you are not a scrapper enjoy the beautiful work created by these awesome scrappers. Whoop whoop!!!!

Well that's it from the Bunny Hole, until next time, peace out!!

Where to start

Well it seems like lately I am not sure if I am coming or going in every area of my life.

Work has been just crazy.  There have been state wide budget cuts, and well that includes my little slice of the state budget.  I have been busy at work creating reports, counting pennies, canceling titles and trying to cut our budget.  I am not the decision maker for the budget, but I am in charge of the bills, so it really affects me and my staff.  There has been a lot of stress and extra work and I think its starting to get to all of us.  I may just have to do a departmental get out of the office free card and take everyone to lunch somewhere.  I would say order it, but honestly I think we need to get out of the office and have some non-office fun.  I wonder if pool and lunch would be doable?  May have to look into that, have a little departmental Christmas party.

Sorta got off the track there.  Any way I have been working hard and feeling like I am accomplishing nothing.  Just when I think I may be caught up something else lands on my desk, usually via email.  It just seems like it is never going to end, and I am thinking it has to or else I could be in for a world of hurt.

Home has been a little crazy too.  I have been playing phone tag with several close friends and never seeming to get to chat.  I did get to talk to my bestest friend in the world the other day.  It was so nice to catch up and to learn more about her new little daughter.  I just hope that little stinker gets good and strong so she can have her much needed surgery.  I want to go up and see them, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen anytime soon.  Maybe a good Birthday present.  Any way we found out that hubby doesn't have narcolepsy, which is good, but still he is so sleepy all the time.  They gave him some meds to try for the sleepiness, and well lets just say that not so much.  I knew when I read the possible side effects that he should not take them, but he tried one any way, and well I was right.  Yikes!!!  So now, who knows.  

I really need to work in my scrappy room.  I have two baby albums I need to get done by December 6th, and between then and now is Turkey day.  Not only do I have albums I have to make, I have a bunch of page kits that I need to do.  I just want to have them done, they have been sitting here waiting to be scrapped for way to long.  I am hoping that this weekend I can not only get a bunch of much needed house work done, but get some scrapping done too.  My room needs to be straightened up, nothing to outrageous, but it needs to be done.  Plus I want to make sure that my mil can be in my scrappy room with me, going to try to get her to make some cards, will have to see about getting some kits together maybe.  Did I just give myself more work, am I nuts.

On that note, the in-laws are coming for Turkey Day, and I am excited!!!!  Need to do some prep work for them but with hubby's help we will have it ship shape before they get here.  I sorta wish they were coming Tuesday but, I guess Wednesday will do.  Thursday we will feast and watch football (hopefully there will be a game worth watching, if not no football for me.)  And then if tradition stands on Friday morning mil and I will be crazy and get up really early and go shopping :D!!!  We have so much fun.  

So, seeing that I had no idea where to start, I have no idea where to end.  As one can see its been hectic around here!!!  Someone tell me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that is unless its that freight train, in which case get its number because it done hit me.  Hopefully I will get some time to upload some new creations.  That's it for now from the bunny hole, peace out!

Disclaimer: If this post seems very random, sketchy, choppy, or otherwise just plain odd, it is due to the sleepy nature of the Bunny.  One hopes I will be more awake next time!!!

The Hardest Card

I think that yesterday I made the hardest card I have ever had to make in my life.   Finding everything I needed for it was not the hard part, the hard part was what the card was for.  Our building manager and his wife lost their unborn baby last week--she was at 22 weeks.  Well, we wanted a card for him, and of course I said I could.  I did, and it turned out beautiful.  But trying to figure out what to put on the inside was impossible, so I left it blank.  Which turned out to be a good thing seeing that about fifteen people signed it.  I have to say trying to find the words to express your heartache for them is hard, and finding an appropriate sentiment was just has hard.  I just want to say, I hope that I never ever have to make another card for such an occasion.

Here is the card, in case you were curious.

Well that's it for this time, peace out from the bunny hole.

Pumpkins and Pages

Well this weekend went by to quickly as usual, but I did manage to get a lot accomplished.  Friday night hubby and I carved our pumpkins.  I know, Halloween night seems a bit late for this, but it has sorta become tradition here.  This year hubby even carved his own.  While we carved we watched the Munsters Marathon that was on, it was a nice evening.

Saturday I spent the day cleaning and organizing my scrappy hole.  I managed to get all my paper put away, which was no small feat.  I did a good organizing session, that included putting away stuff that was left from working on projects of the past.  I also ran to Michael's to get a Cropper Hopper organizing set for my paper.  I knew I was going to need something for all my new fun yummy paper, and that kit was perfect.  I also listened to the Gamecock football game, way to go Gamecocks beating the Vols at Williams Brice.

Sunday, seeing that my scrappy room was all nice and clean and organized I decided that I really need to get some of these older page kits scrapped.  So, I worked on one page prior to the Green Bay Packer game.  I need to print a larger picture for one spot, trim it, adhere it and its a done page.  I really like that I used nontraditional colors for the theme of the page.  I watched the football game, we lost in overtime to the Titans, bummer.  After the game I went and got groceries, came home made supper, and then scrapped some more.  I got another page completely done.  It feels so good to have my room back.  I cleaned up after both pages and now I am ready to scrap some more.  But, I think that will have to wait until tomorrow, as it is late and I must work in the morning.  

Until next time, peace out from the bunny hole.