Saying Good Bye to G

I had a rough week a couple weeks back. I learned from my best friend that our highschool band director was killed in an accident. He was involved in an accident that also killed the bus driver, of the bus he was in, his wife, granddaughter, and a student teacher. This was really hard for me because I was 1800 miles away from where I felt I needed to be.

I was able to get a plane ticket and fly up to Wisconsin in time for the visitation and funeral. I am so glad that I was able to do this! I can say never pack for a last minute trip while crying, just trust me.

Who was G?
G was more than a band director, he was a mentor, and a friend. He really cared about his students and it showed. In highschool I had a friend commit suicide, needless to say I took that hard and didn't really go to class that day, except band. G could tell that something was wrong, so when he asked I told him. He comforted me, and during the day came and checked on me, I never for got that.

He blessed my life for knowing him, and he blessed many lives while he taught at Chippewa Falls Senior High. He will be truly missed, but he will live on in our hearts and memories. As my brother said, "He IS a great man!"

Please say a good thought for his family he and his wife left behind, and for the mother of their granddaughter who also died. This is a trying time for all of them, and I can never say I understand their pain or know how they feel. But, I can say I grieve with them and have them in my heart always. So G, we are FOREVER CARDINAL BOUND.

Peace out from the Bunny Hole.

Well its ABOUT TIME!

I know I know, 20 lashings for not posting, shame on me. Okay so there is a lot to catch up on so I might as well go monthly.

June: I flew to Wisconsin for my parent's 40th Anniversary surprise party. It was a surprise all right, even more so when the parents found out that older brother and I had been in town for three days already and that we slept next door the night before. Hee hee, my mom about fell over on that. The party was great, most of both sides of the family was there as well as some friends we have not seen in what seemed like ages. I took tons of pics and had a great time.

About a week after I got home I had the annual ACL conference to attend. Lucky for me it was in Columbia so I didn't have to travel anywhere and I got to sleep in my own bed every night. I again learned a lot and had a great time. Librarian's playing Jeopardy can be very interesting, I do have to say that Jen, Charlessa and I were all amazed I was not a question or an answer--thank goodness. I also am now on the ACL CLC team which is pretty cool.

Other than that June was just like any other month :D.

July: Well July started pretty good. I took the 5th off to hang out on the scrapbook forum for the July 5th celebration. I scrapped all day and hung out with my online scrapbuddies all day, and it was well worth it. CX was giving out prizes every half hour just like on National Scrapbook Day. Well, I was in the chat room chatting when all of a sudden my chat screen was not responding to me but I kept seeing my name come up. I was curious and frantic all at the same time. Then one of the administrators popped me a message to congratulate me on being the GRAND PRIZE WINNER! Well I could not respond, I imed a friend to tell her to tell everyone that my chat was not responding and to ask what I won. Well about five minutes later the prize window opened to show me that I won $1200 worth of Sizzix dies. Well I about died, I gave a scream, everyone home came running into my scrap room to find out what was wrong. They found me crying with a huge smile on my face chanting "I won I won I won!" They were unimpressed, that is until the next morning when they saw my prize package and then they knew. I am still in shock. Man did I ever have fun picking out all those dies.

At the end of the month I traveled to central Florida to meet a scrapbuddy and attend an overnight crop. On the way down I met "Coach" for breakfast and coffee in Savannah, she is such a sweetheart. In Florida I met Yams, and man did we ever have a blast--I never thought I would answer to Bunny but I did. LOL! Everyone else at the crop must have thought we were nuts, especially when they found out that it was the first time we had ever met face-to-face. I found a great scrapbuddy, now if we just lived closer. It was a great weekend, and we have another one planned for the new year.

August: I finally got all my dies! I was home the day "The Box" came, hubby was ordered to take pictures of me opening the box so I imed him to tell him to come home right away. Well, about four hours later he got home--stupid work he had to finish. But then I still had to wait another hour to open "The Box" I definitely learned some patience and self control skills that day. Well we got over 100 pictures of me opening the box and playing with its contents, including all three cats helping me. My face still hurts from all that smiling.

Later in the month I hosted a Celebration Crop, I had about five people come and crop with me at a co-worker's fellowship hall. It was a fun day. Other than scrappin, chattin, and working not much happened in August--oh and the students returned to campus.

September: Another month full of scrappin and chattin. I have gotten a lot of pages done, been in some craft swaps and have had a great time at the Xpressions forums. At the end of the month a friend held an overnight crop at her house, so again I moved out of my scrap room and headed out. We had an absolute blast, those two are so fun to scrap with. No worries Yams you were missed ;).

Other than that Football season started, so I spend Sunday or Monday night glued to my television in my Green and Gold hollering and cheering my team on. September was not such a good month so I am hoping that October will be better.

October: Well the month has just started so not much to report. My personalized Packer jersey should be here tomorrow so I am ultra excited about that! Other wise I am busy at work with work and HizDay. We are holding a fundraising crop for HizDay in November so I am busy planning and preparing for that. Click here to learn more about Croppin' for HizDay! I am looking forward to this because a bunch of my scrapbuddies from CX are planning on attending. It is starting to shape up, but still a lot of work needs to be done.

Okay, so there you go! Oh, the cats are doing great still as crazy as ever, and the dogs are well dogs. They are such a joy to have around, its silly how they will all cuddle together as well as very cute. The days are finally getting cool here, but we need rain. There has been no impact weather wise by the hurricanes, however gas prices are crazy!! I watched them go up by $1 in less than three days--totally wrong I tell ya! So basically that has been my biggest complaint, at least that I care to share.

Now that you are bored to tears I will close the bunny hole. Keep on keepin' it, peace!


Just so y'all know, the 40th Anniversary Party for my parents was a huge success. We had a great time.

More from the bunny hole later. Peace


With the school year finally over I was actually able to take a small vacation. Two weeks of practically nothing. It has been so nice not really having to do anything, but take a shower and eat. I am so sorry to see it come to an end Tuesday morning when the alarm clock will once again go off to get my sorry self out of the bed and on the road to work. Oh well, all good things must come to an end.

What did I do for my vacation? Basically I scrapbooked for two weeks. That is right, I put myself in creative mode and went to town. I did have to go get an oil change one day, oh well might as well go to Michael's and take advantage of their sale. Then I had to go into Columbia one day for the hubby, and well a couple scrapbook stores were on the way. :D That one scrapbook store could most certainly get me into serious trouble *wink wink* I found the coolest Harley Davidson paper, the diamond plate looks so real.

How many pages did I get done? Let see, I believe two for the inlaws; a two pager for the wedding album; and five others for the regular album. One of these five is a two pager for HIZ Day 05, its done with retro like paper and I think turned out well. I will have to wait and see what people have to say about it.

I have really started using all kinds of techniques and tricks to my layouts now, trying new things all the time. I am trying not to be intimidated by the beautiful works that others have, or by the materials themselves. Basically I am having a blast being creative and preserving memories all at the same time. I wish I had some people close by that I could scrap with, oh well, maybe some day. For now I have been hanging out at the Creative Express forum and having a lot of fun, everyone is very nice and encouraging, not to mention WAY talented. Here is the link If you decide to join please tell them that Library Bunny sent ya ;)

I hope to get some pages up on the web page soon. Hope all is well with all ya all. Keep on keepin it, PEACE.

Ready, Set, SCRAP

That's right. National Scrapbook Day is upon us and I am ready to go. I have my room all ready to go, including one project out and ready to assemble. Today I bought these really cool drawers for most of my 12 x 12 paper, so I had to rearrange my shelving unit, but it really helped a lot. I like my Cropper Hoppers for my 12 x 12 paper, but I use those basically just for paper sets and miscellaneous papers that I have bought. But my new drawers are for the larger packs that I have. All of my holiday paper is now in one spot, well for the most part, and I am very excited.

I have at least three projects that I want to get done tomorrow. One is a page pertaining to the dogs when they were puppies, one pertains to my niece, and one is a wedding page. Hopefully I can get them all done. I would also love to get my Scary Cat page done, but without a picture of Dixie for it, it cannot happen. Maybe I will get lucky and catch her at the right moment when I actually have the camera.

After last Saturday it may be hard for some people to believe that the camera is not permanently attached to my neck, LOL, but its not. I do not think I have ever taken so many pictures in my life, let alone in one day.

Well, wish me luck on my projects and I will keep y'all informed as to my progress. Happy Scrappin' in my little bunny hole. Keep on keepin' it, peace.

HIZ Day 2005

HIZ Day 2005 ROCKED!!!!

Okay, so it rained and we had to move to the gym, but it still worked out very well. We did learn that the acoustics in the gym are not so band friendly. Well, at least not amped bands. So, here is the run down of the day.

I got to campus a little after 9 am, show to start at Noon, LN was knocking on my window before I was even parked because of the weather. The sound guy was not liking the forecast for the day and wanted us to move the venue inside. Not a problem, except we did not at that time have permission to use the gym, we did get permission but then had to clean it up. Luckily, everyone pulled together and we got it done. We got the tables set up for the bands to sell their goods, tables up for the HIZ Day goods, the College recruitment table, and the canteen ready to serve.

Small side note, I tie dyed my Staff shirt on Thursday and it turned out totally sweet, not to mention I was very easy to find in a crowd.

Well the stage got set, the sound check for the headliners was complete and our first band TLC started just shortly after 12. Not bad considering that we had to move the entire show. Steven and I did okay starting out for the MCs, I was told I had to talk slower, luckily we got much better during the day. TLC put on a nice show, very beautiful harmonies. Unfortunately they were unable to stick around because they had another show in Florence that night. They did give a CD for the door prizes which was cool. They also signed my program.

Another side note, I put together the programs for the event because somehow I got nominated to do it. They turned out pretty good, and I am glad that the kids liked them.

Next up was Bryan Doesn't Like It, or BDLI. All of the guys are either current or former students of the college, and most of the crowd was there for them. They did a great show. Last year's HIZ Day was their first show and they have improved a lot since then. They did great though and I am glad that the guys are having fun. Some of the songs they have written are really cool too. They signed my program too :D

Next up was Experiment Theory, half of last years Tickets to Jerusalem. The two of them Levi and Ashley (Husband & Wife) are so totally awesome. They are the sweetest too. It was nice seeing them again this year, they also gave a CD for a door prize. They did a great show, I think my favorite part was when they did a song from SHREK and Levi played the Kazoo. I got the best picture of that, did I mention I took over 200 pictures on Saturday? It was great, the crowd really responded to them too. Again, my program is signed, they also signed my staff shirt. I really hope that we can get them back for another event in the future.

We did door prizes next, that went pretty well. By this time Stephen and I were doing a little better with the Mics. I am not so nervous in front of a bunch of people with a mic anymore. I have come to the conclusion that if I can do that, I can do anything. After door prizes came a devotion based on the Prodigal Son, very enlightening.

Then came the moment, and I would like to think I did a good job of introducing Overflow. Yep, the Christian Rock band with a top 15 song played at our humble little shin-dig. They so totally rocked the house. I had a blast during their show. I was in the back stage area taking all sorts of pictures. At one time I was standing on a cooler taking pictures making Will the drummer and Matt the keyboardist laugh. After the show, they were like, we were wondering where those random flashes were coming from and then there you are standing on a cooler. They were a lot of fun. They also loaded us up on door prizes, a CD, two T-shirts, and dinner with the band. Too bad the people who won the dinner were allergic to Sea Food. All the guys signed my program and my shirt, is cool. Will signed with a smiley face, very fitting considering he and Matt laughed through their entire set.

After the show was done we had to clean up the gym before we could go have dinner with the bands. We had twenty-four people at the restaurant for supper, plus some others. Dinner was a lot of fun. I still think that Overflow's drummer cannot believe that I am the Library director. Not sure if it was me whoo-hooing behind them after each song, the tie dyed t-shirt, or the fact that they thought I was a student. Josh one of the guitarists fell in love with my Green & Gold All-Star shoes. One of the only things he said to me was, "I love your shoes!" He did say more, but that is the one thing that has stayed in my head. Like I said, dinner was a lot of fun, and the food wasn't bad once I finally got mine.

The day was long, got home about 11, but it was a great time. My knee was killing me because I really didn't sit down too much. Luckily we found a plan B, for the event, and everyone really pulled together to make the event a success. We did have a better turn out than last year, but I think that it could have been bigger had the weather been better. I do think that the weather was probably a lesson for all of us, to ALWAYS have a plan B. We had a great time, and I am sure that most of the people who attended had a great time. Next year HIZ Day 2006 will be April 29, 2006, so if you are in the area.

Anyway. Sorry I haven't posted in ages, have been a little busy. I know bad excuse but it is the only one I got. I have gotten some scrapbook pages done, as well as my special project. It looks so cool, I will fill everyone in on it later. This weekend is scrapbook weekend, Saturday is National Scrapbook Day and I plan on scrappin all day. One of these days I will be posting some of my pages on my Web page. I also plan on posting some of the pictures from HIZ Day, its not like I do not have enough of them, LOL.

I hope all is well with y'all. Keep on keepin' it, peace from this Bunny Hole.

Mad Scrapper

Hello all, sorry its been awhile but not a whole lot has been going on. Lately I have been just doing a lot of scrapbooking. In fact, in the last three weeks I have managed to put together four different pages, plus designs for a few others. I have a special project I am working on, and that will take me a while--more info on that when it can be divulged.

My favoritest page is a page I made as a surprise for the hubby. It is with a picture of his father's dad fishing. It looks super fantastic, and I am hoping to recreate one similar to it for his parents as well. Hopefully I can pull it off, however, I am having a difficult time finding the background paper that will work for it--I want it to be just right.

Other than all that I have been playing around with all my music. Burning CDs from my slave drive, adding tunes to my mp3 player as well as taking some off. Currently I have close to 4000 songs on it, so I should have a good variety on my way to and from work.

This week I have taken off, spring break at the college, and plan on creating a variety of pages as well as some cleaning and organizing that is needed. Hopefully I can get a lot done and feel as if I accomplished something. Currently I am working on a birthday card for a friend's daughter, I cannot believe that she is already 13, man I feel old. I also have some stuff to put together for a baby gift, the shower was last week and I had to give a rain check. Once that idea has come to full it shouldn't take long to accomplish, I just do not want to produce junk that is to be given to others.

Once I am done with break things will be in full swing as we finish all the preparations for HizDay at the college April 30th. So far everything is going well, some odds and ends need to be worked out but I am not going to worry to much about it. I mean everything went well last year and I missed half the meetings due to my knee surgery. However, I think this year I am co m.c. of the event so I am a little worried about that, but as long as I have a cohort I should be fine.

Well, must get back to the scrappin', besides, that's about it from this Bunny Hole anyway. Keep on keepin' it, Peace!

Woo Whoo

Hurray, my wait is over!!

The best ever NFL Quarterback is returning to Green Bay for his 15th season. Yep, my day was mad with the announcement that Brett Favre will be playing at least one more season.

His main reason for returning, other than he loves the game, is that his wife Deanna is doing well in her cancer treatment. I am so happy that she is getting better. She also wants Brett to play.

I need to do my little happy dance.

A happy little bunny in a Green & Gold bunny hole.
Keep on keepin it!! Peace

I can't take it any more!

That is right, the suspense is killing me and I don't know how much more I can take. What, do you ask? Well I will tell you. I want to know what Brett Favre (best NFL quarterback of all time, #4 of the Green Bay Packers) is going to do in 2005. Is he going to retire, is he going to play? I need to know, as do the rest of the Green & Gold faithful.

I really want to see him back for another season, if not two, maybe three. But I would not blame him if he decided to hang up the pads and stay home in Mississippi with his family. Reasons: Deanna, his wife, has breast cancer; he has two daughters; and our (the Packers) offensive line has been what seems to be decimated by Free Agency. However, I am hoping that he is still loving the game, having fun playing, and sees playoff and superbowl potential in the team that is currently assembled.

So, there ya go!! I just want to know what Brett is going to do. If he does retire I just want to say THANK YOU Brett, for being unselfish, a true leader and role model, as well as a joy to watch. I am honored to have been able to see you in action in Lambeau Field. So, as Elroy and the Diehards say "We LOVE Brett Favre! Our kind of guy, when he's on the field and Lambeau you can feel that Green Bay pride!" I also need to say thank you to his family, for allowing all of us Cheese Heads to share him with them over all these years, we love you all.

Well from this Green & Gold bunny hole, keep on keepin it. Peace

When does football season start? I think I am going through withdrawals.

Spinners and Spoilers

Alright, I have had this on my mind for a while now and I need to get it out.

I understand that the spinner wheels are cool and everything, but I believe that they are only if on the appropriate type of vehicle. For instance any Ford Taurus, station wagon or otherwise, not the appropriate type of vehicle. Ford Mustang, okay that would work. Ford F-150 pick up not the appropriate vehicle. Basically any vehicle that is meant for farm work, hauling heavy loads, or capable of 4 wheel drive not appropriate. Yes this does include Hummers, Escalades, Navigators and the like. (To the people who have these, we already know that you have way more money then you know what to do with so just stop. Some suggestions for the money burning a hole in your pocket: give it to your alma mater, local church, local homeless shelter, local food pantry, a hospital, cancer research, aids research, basically any group that is trying to better the life of people would do.) Now back to the spinners, as I said, yes cool on a Corvette, Sting Ray or otherwise, Camaro. But not so much on the Buick--maybe an old one with fins, but then you are going out of the era so maybe not so much. Use the money for other things, like fixing the muffler or better yet save it for your hearing aids you will be needing later in life when all that thumping bass comes back to haunt you.

Now, on to the spoilers. Again, these can add a certain coolness to a car, be again they have their place. A car not to have a spoiler, especially one three feet off the trunk is a four door Honda Civic. Do you not have friends to tell you how stupid it looks? Well here it is, IT LOOKS STUPID. Are you trying to fly, do you think it will get you more chicks? Well you won't, it only allows those of us who are normal to laugh hysterically at you and point as you transverse the highways and byways of life. Again, something you can save money on.

Another thing to save money on is the paint job. For instance any type of newer Buick should never ever, and I do mean never, have flames painted on it. Again this provides comic relief, however some one may end up causing an accident laughing so hard at your stupidity. We all need comic relief, but there is a time, and traveling at 70 mph in traffic is definitely not the time nor the place for a laugh attack. Flames should be reserved for muscle cars, especially older muscle cars or maybe a racing car or a demolition derby car--oh wait they usually end up in flames.

As you can see, all this money wasted on cars to make them look cool can only make you look like a tool. Be constructive with your money, help out in your community, other than just by adding comic relief. When you think you need to add those spinners, look at the rules. As for the three foot spoiler, this really has no place on any car, except the Funny Cars for drag racing purposes. And those fancy paint jobs, try something different, something unique, something off the wall, Kermit the Frog Green does not work no matter what. So, do your fellow man a favor, leave the spinners on the cars they are meant for and leave the flames to the professionals.

Rantings from this bunny hole, complete. Keep on keepin it, PEACE


And I don't mean a mineral or the pro wrestler turn actor. I mean that Rocks or as I was told the other day "you Rock!"

The other day I say a friend of mine on line, well I thought it was a friend, it turned out to be her teenage son working on a paper due the next day. Why is it that you kids procrastinate getting stuff done? Anyway, I offered my Librarian skills to help him, not only with his homework but from being strangled by his mother. He was working on a social studies assignment dealing with economies. It was actually a very well thought out project. He had a lot of it done, but needed some help with the summary of it, which I was able to help with. The main part was the flag. The assignment was to create a place and then create its economy and a flag, they had to have some history of the place also. His place was "Football Island" an agriculturally based society made up of two clans the Eagles and the Patriots. His flag was black, yellow, with a red, a football in the center and goal posts on each side. He had to indicate what the different parts of the flag stood for. This is where I came in. I gave him some ideas and he ran with them. When it was done, he thanked me by saying, "thanks, you rock, I hope your around when I go to college." That made me feel so good.

The next night I was talking to his mom and she thanked me as well. She said she was wondering how he got done with the assignment so quickly, he told her he was inspired. Wow, I'm an inspiration, how totally cool. He did tell her that I helped. She just laughed, then we were able to laugh together about it. Hopefully he did well on it, she is going to let me know his grade when he gets it back. So, keep your fingers crossed that its an A, okay maybe a B.

Other than that not much has been going on. I have been extremely busy at work, as usual, trying to recatalog the collection, do usage reports, surveys for American Libraries, reworking the manual, and a bunch of other reports as well. Luckily, it actually looks like we are making progress, at least the light at the end of the tunnel is visible, it may be just a pinhole, but its visible. We are almost done with the reference section, then its on to the main collection.

Oh, I did manage to update my webpage, I added an entire page of pictures from the four Green Bay Packer games I have been too. When you visit that page make sure to have your speakers on because I have a super fantastic song playing, oh and high speed works the best. I did do some reworking on the other pages as well, including adding a picture to the picture page and updating the calendar. It seemed like it took forever but I am pleased with the outcome.

The animals are all doing well. Our kittens are still very high strung, but they are kitties. I just wish they would stop getting on the counters in the kitchen, if any one has any idea how to stop this please let me know. All of them, the cats, are getting along better now too. We will catch the older one cleaning one of them from time to time, and at night they all cuddle together. Its a good thing we have a king sized bed because with both dogs, all three cats, and the two of us it is full. The dogs really like all the cats, which is good, the funny thing about it is when one of the dogs wants to clean one of the cats. One lick and the cat is soaked, but they keep going, talk about a shower. It is nice that harmony has happened in the house, for a while we were not sure it would happen.

Well thats all from this bunny hole, hope all is well with y'all. Keep on keepin it. Peace

I am the BUG!!

Yep, some days you are the bug and some days you are the windshield. Lately I have felt like the bug, in fact the bug that makes the big gutsy mess all over the windshield. But, things should start looking up, I am trying to stay positive.

Sorry its been so long since I have posted, lots have been happening--as from the first part not all of it good. However, there have been some days that I have been the windshield. For instance, I had a great birthday, despite some embarrassment (you know who you are). And even though my favoritest team was not in the Stupid Bowl, as the husband calls it, the team I wanted to win, won. Way to go New England!

Other than all that not much here, just trying to scrap myself off the windshield. So from this bunny hole to your, keep on keepin it--its all we go. Peace.

Pork Overdose

Yep that's right, Pork Overdose!! That is what happens when one deals with 500 pounds of BBQ Pork, hash, and rice. I best explain. This last Saturday we had a BBQ Dinner fundraiser for HIZ Day, and it was a great success, and we had to prepare everything. Well that may be and understatement seeing that the folks of the church we were at helped more than any one could have hoped--so THANK YOU!! Everyone did their part, but it was a lot of work, well worth it, but I will not need BBQ Pork for like ever. I am hoping that the BBQ Dinner will foreshadow the success of HIZ Day 2005. It is a free concert featuring Christian Music, we have a few bands booked already, for more information visit and link to the HIZ Day page.

Other than that not much has been going on. Still doing physical therapy twice a week and exercises at home for my knee, the stupid thing just doesn't want to get better. The way it sounds is that I have arthritis starting in it already so it should be fun. Oh well, as the hubby says, your fault!! The price one pays for a little fun can at times be just to great. I can say I did have fun while playing volley ball and the fellowship in the hospital waiting room wasn't too bad either.

Well, deep subject, there is not much else to report here. Hope all is well in y'alls bunny holes wherever they maybe, back to mine. Keep on keepin it. Peace

Happy 2005

Howdy all, sorry for the lengthy absence from the posting, holidays and all.

I had a great holiday season this year. Then again anything would be better than last year!! Yep, yep, I was sedation and crutch free this holiday season. And, instead of starting physical therapy the day after Christmas, I had already started and had a wonderful session the day before Christmas Eve. Much better all around, I even remember who sent us what gifts!! Trust me this is a feat in itself.

Got some great crafting supplies, cool perfectly tuned wind chimes, my mom's homemade caramel (it isn't Christmas without caramel--hey we didn't get none last year, just one more reason it was better this year. I also got a pair of really super cool slippers, "The rabbit with the big sharp pointy teeth" from the Search for the Holy Grail. They are so great, will have to post a picture. What else, oh yeah, the Farve book, by Brett Farve and his mother Bonita. I am even almost done reading it (surprise huh?). The coolest thing about the book, is that I actually can point out where I sit when I am at a Packer game--you can see my dad's hat in the full stadium shot, it is so cool.

Other than that the best stocking stuffer of them all--the Green Bay Packers beating the Minnesota ViQueens in the bubble on Christmas Eve. It was a very good game, nail bitter actually but we did it. Then this week we also beat Chicago to ring in the New Year, at soldier Field I might add. Now it is the post season, and the playoffs. So, yet again we will be playing the Queens, on our home turf for a blustery January day in Green Bay Wisconsin. I really am hoping that Ferguson is back after that horrendous hit in week 15 against Jacksonville. Lets hope that the Queens don't even see it coming, and then it is one step closer to the Super Bowl.

As for Fantasy Football. I did end up making it to the playoffs, I didn't do that good, but at least I didn't come in last. I can say that playing the number one and two ranked teams the first two weeks of the VFL Playoffs did not help me at all, not to mention starters getting benched early in games to keep them fresh for the NFL Playoffs. Oh well, better luck for the SCCheeseHead next year.

The knee is getting stronger. Have some work to do on it yet, doctor was not completely happy with my progress, but there has been a lot of trauma to it in the last year. Shall we recap. December 22, 2003 ACL and Meniscus Reconstruction of right knee; February 11, 2004 Manipulation of right knee to get it bending; and November 17, 2004 Arthoscopic (sp?) surgery to remove scar tissue in said knee. Trauma, what do you mean trauma, there has been no trauma. So, I have physical therapy for another month, I can handle that, especially when I see people there that are where I was last year (glad its done and don't want to go back).

Well that should update y'all on this bunny's happenins. Hope that all had a glorious and safe holiday. From this Bunny Hole, keep on keepin' it.