Ready, Set, SCRAP

That's right. National Scrapbook Day is upon us and I am ready to go. I have my room all ready to go, including one project out and ready to assemble. Today I bought these really cool drawers for most of my 12 x 12 paper, so I had to rearrange my shelving unit, but it really helped a lot. I like my Cropper Hoppers for my 12 x 12 paper, but I use those basically just for paper sets and miscellaneous papers that I have bought. But my new drawers are for the larger packs that I have. All of my holiday paper is now in one spot, well for the most part, and I am very excited.

I have at least three projects that I want to get done tomorrow. One is a page pertaining to the dogs when they were puppies, one pertains to my niece, and one is a wedding page. Hopefully I can get them all done. I would also love to get my Scary Cat page done, but without a picture of Dixie for it, it cannot happen. Maybe I will get lucky and catch her at the right moment when I actually have the camera.

After last Saturday it may be hard for some people to believe that the camera is not permanently attached to my neck, LOL, but its not. I do not think I have ever taken so many pictures in my life, let alone in one day.

Well, wish me luck on my projects and I will keep y'all informed as to my progress. Happy Scrappin' in my little bunny hole. Keep on keepin' it, peace.

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