Friends Leaving

Well, another one has flown the coup and left the state of South Carolina. Yep, another library school friend has gone on to greener parts of the states to pursue their life as a librarian. Out of the five good friends I made in library school only one is left in the greater Cola area, the rest have dispersed themselves across the United States. One is in Missouri, one in Maryland, one in Georgia, and now one in Oregon. Man, if what am I going to do? I guess people need to move on, but do they need to move so dang far away? I mean really, at this length one cannot even do a day trip. SHEESH!! Good thing for the Internet and Instant Messaging, or I would be going insane, no wait already there, I guess I would need to be committed. I do wish them all the luck in the world--bye Andrea I will miss our Friday lunches.

I need a hug! :(

Is there anybody out there?

Well here I am finally joining the land of the blog. Not sure what will be covered but knowing me it could be anything.

First, I cannot wait for Football to start, training camps are just a way to tease a person. I mean really "GET ON WITH IT!" Fantasy football, NFL Sunday ticket, Green and Gold Chuck Taylors, and I am ready for some FOOTBALL. Not just any football, Green Bay Packers Football.

Here is a question for all. Which Packer game would you go to at Lambeau Field if you had the choice:
1. Chicago Bears--September 19, Noon
2. NY Giants--October 3, Noon
3. TN Titans--October 11, Monday Night
4. Cowboys--October 24, 3:15
Too cold up there any later than October 24. Let me know what you think.

There it is folks, hope ya all had fun.