Football Season--Finally

First I want to say bad bunny on the blog posting, but hey life got real busy when September hit.

Yes it is my very favorite season of the year--Football Season!!! Real women love football, the rest of y'all stay in the kitchen!!! With that said I got to start out the 2009 Football season in absolute style.

Week One, Sunday Night Football, Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin the Packers beat the Chicago Bears and I WAS THERE!! I could not talk for almost a whole week after that game, but sometimes winning the game means losing your voice!!! That was a rule I lived by, the last 2.5 minutes of that game I screamed, I hollered, I yelled, and I cheered. I am going to say that was the best ending to a football game ever, at least for me being at live. I mean really, if you watched it you get it, if you were there you know it!! Dad and I had a blast and an opening night win totally rocked!!! Go Pack Go!! More Packer Football to follow.

Week Three, Saturday Night, Williams Brice Stadium season opener, Columbia, South Carolina the University of South Carolina Gamecocks beat the Florida Atlantic Owls and I WAS THERE!!! What a fun game too, I am going to say that Carolina has the best entrance in College Ball, honestly. There is nothing like 2001 blaring, the smoke billowing, Cocky, the cheerleaders, the band, and then the team runs out it is so awesome. It may not have been a pretty game but it was a win, so Go Gamecocks!!!

So, you may have noticed that I have put the fan back in fanatic when it comes to my teams. I watch all the Packer games even though I live in South Carolina and I am lucky enough to have tickets to see the Gamecocks. I have to say 83,000 people is crazy, and the Student Section is insane (one of these days I may try to sit over there, lol) when they jump you can feel them in my seats!! Oh and my new seats this year ROCK!

How are my teams doing you may ask, well, the Gamecocks broke into the top 25 this week after their win over SC State. Let me say the week before that we the unranked Carolina Gamecocks beat number 4 Ole Miss, and that game was crazy. I can honestly say I have never been to a louder game, and the ending was pretty similar to the Packers Bears game I was at. This week we are at home again to face Kentucky--tailgating is breakfast biscuits with coffee. More to come!! So we are 4-1 for the season and 1-1 in the SEC, the toughest Division in College Ball.

My Packers are 2-2 going into the bye week. We are banged up and are showing some gaps. We cannot let our Quarterback get sacked 8 times in a game, even if half of them are his fault. The loss to the Bengals was horrible, we had Chad Johnson (sorry there is only one 85 in my NFL) for the most part all day. Speaking of my 85 can you show the man the ball? But then again our receivers have been having the drops, basically our Offense is offensive. I could go into a big huge rant right now but I need to be cautious as the open wounds of Monday night are still fresh and burning from the salt. I think ESPN needs to check what a football game is, can someone please send them the link to Webster's Dictionary? I mean honestly, by the time the game started I had the feeling that there was only one team playing and well frankly only one person, make me throw up. Did they really think WE the Cheese Head Faithful needed reminding of what the history is, was, and always will be there? Get a grip, you didn't show that man that much love any other time of his career--I remember I have been there. Okay, that little soap box is gone. But I said don't get me started. If you would like to discuss this more leave a comment.

I will say, that I have been having a lot of fun during the game chatting with the guys at CheeseheadTV before during and after the games. There is a live chat as well as a live blog and we have fun win or lose. One word of caution, shots on Monday night not always good for Tuesday morning, but I was to work on time. Thanks guys, looking forward to the next game.

So, if I am MIA or have nothing what so ever to share that is scrap book related you now know why. I will at least attempt to do some football blogging, I will be sure to behave, I will leave all the bad words out. I will also try to get some pictures up. Until next time Go Packers!! Go Gamecocks!!! Stay safe and have fun, peace out from the Bunny Hole.