Vacation? Part 1

Well I went on my annual vacation up north to my mom and dad's. After this one though, I am not sure if a vacation is what one could call it. There were some high points of the trip, but some really good lows as well. I will highlight the high points first.

Wednesday--day one--I got kisses from my niece. One of the bestest of all the highlights. We played a bunch and had a good time. For those of you who know this is a big huge and glorious thing for that sweet adorable cute little thing.

Thursday I spent the day with one of my best friends, went out for breakfast and did a little shopping. I found new material for the manimals game day bandannas. Not much else for that day, but I did get my niece of the bus, and she was happy to see me. Joy and bliss.

Friday I got my hair cut, by above mentioned friend, and it looks pretty good. That night my parents, sister, her friend, and my dad's mom went out for fish. It was nice.

Saturday my in-laws came up to my parents to see me. It was very nice to see them. We had a nice visit, short but nice. That night I went out for supper with friends, only one I graduated high school with, and her husband. I was in their wedding and they are still together--other then my marriage the only wedding I was in that is still together, thanks guys. We had a really good time.

Sunday was awesome. Lambeau Field in October. It was the afternoon game so we didn't have to get up too insanely early to drive half way across the state of Wisconsin. I found out earlier in the trip that my game companion would be my mom's mom, my little 85 year-old grandma. She had never been to Green Bay for a game and she was going with me--so very very cool. We picked her up on the way. I had hoped to nap on the way there, but I was way to excited--I love the Green Bay Packers (even have a song called "We Love Bret Farve"). While the folks were preparing our tailgating feast I made my way to the Pro Shop for some Green and Gold stuff. On the way there a photographer wanted to take a picture of the large group waiting to cross the street with the nice little police man that was helping us. That was cool. Well the police man saw my game day shoes (Green and Gold high-top Converse All-Star Chuck Taylors with Green Bay Packer shoe laces), so he had the photographer take a picture of my shoes. I have no idea what the photos were for but now who ever sits in those seats has to get a game day program to see if my shoes are in there. It was cool. I got me a cheese head at the Pro Shop as well as some other items. I wanted to get the dogs jerseys but since they had no number 88 for our little one I could not get either of them one, maybe next time. Tail gating was great, had a good time, Packer fans are some of the best in the world. Then we went to the game. Man that game was electrifying--much better then last years, but we won't go there. By half-time we were kicking butts and taking names. By the end of the game I could hardly contain myself. Grandma and I had a great time and the Packers beat the Cowboys 41-20, HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cheese Head

And there are the highlights of my trip. After the game the only highlight was actually getting home, but that is an entirely different blog.
Face Plant
Well keep on keepin' it real. From this bunny hole, Peace out.

Ups and Downs

Face Plant
Since my last post life has had some ups and downs. Up: finished another wedding album page. Down: Washing machine broke down. Up: Washing machine was fixable. Down: Had to go to work on Friday. Up: The entire class was present and it went well. Down: Packers got their tails handed to them. Up: SC CheeseHead won.

Ups and downs, downs and ups.

The second album page looks pretty good. It is actually the last page of the album, but it is another page done.

The orientation class went pretty well, I gave out candy so I scored some points there. I learned that I talk really fast when presenting, something to work on. However I did have a lot of information to cover and only 50 minutes to do it, I did it. I hope that people learned some stuff, fingers are crossed.

No comment on the Packers, I am too disgusted to even, just never mind.

The SC CheeseHead won, hurray, I was down by 100 before kick off Monday night so at least that went my way. Good to redeem myself especially after the whoopin' I took last week from Mr. B, next time.

Well that is all from this little bunny hole for now. Keep on keepin' it real! Peace :P


That sums up the entire event of NFL football for me this weekend. Not only did the SCCheeseHead lose big, but the Packers lost a great game in a very bad way. Brett got a concussion, back up quarter back got a broken rib, and let's see, that about covers it. Brett did throw one touchdown pass, he doesn't remember throwing it but Javon did catch it, good boy Javon. I guess Brett was really out of it, even though he really wanted back in the game. He stood on the sidelines or sat on the bench the entire 4th quarter with his helmet on, bless him, he really wanted to play. I guess the Giants QB talked to him after the game and commented something like, I talked to Brett after the game, he doesn't even remember throwing the touchdown, and even for Brett he was saying some strange stuff. That is great, not medically speaking, but great non the less. I just hope that they can pull it together by the time I get to the Tundra.

Other than that not much has been going on. Work is work, things seem to be going good for the time being, we have a lot of work to do before the Board shows up in a week or so, but I am going to have faith. I do have to go in on Friday, my usual day off, to do BI (Bibliographic Instruction) to the Orientation class. I have only ever really done this once, but I am much better prepared this time around. I have an entire Power Point presentation ready and handouts, I am at least going to look really good :P Send up some words of encouragement for me right about 11 am Friday, I will need them, and keep your fingers crossed for me that all the technology stuff works for me.

That's it from this bunny hole, keep on keepin' it real. Peace

I did it

Finally, after almost six years I have finally made the first page of my Wedding Scrapbook. I guess there are several reasons as to why this has taken so long. One, I did not have everything that I would need--this is a new realization because before the big day my mom-in-law bought me all sorts of materials. Two, I did not have the confidence in my abilities. I am a creative person but I tend to second guess my abilities from time-to-time. Three, I just never sat down and made the time to do it. Well, now I have. I started working on the page Friday afternoon. The idea for it hit me while I was sorting through all of my paper. I saw a sheet that just hit the idea on me like a brick. I got to work with all my little tools, picked out all the papers, shapes, and the picture. And now I have it finished, unfortunately the album that was purchased for the project will not work, but that is okay because there is another type that I like better, and the old album can be used for another project, not sure what but I will come up with something. Will post a picture as soon as I figure out how to do that.

Well, deep subject, keep on keepin' it real. Peace