That sums up the entire event of NFL football for me this weekend. Not only did the SCCheeseHead lose big, but the Packers lost a great game in a very bad way. Brett got a concussion, back up quarter back got a broken rib, and let's see, that about covers it. Brett did throw one touchdown pass, he doesn't remember throwing it but Javon did catch it, good boy Javon. I guess Brett was really out of it, even though he really wanted back in the game. He stood on the sidelines or sat on the bench the entire 4th quarter with his helmet on, bless him, he really wanted to play. I guess the Giants QB talked to him after the game and commented something like, I talked to Brett after the game, he doesn't even remember throwing the touchdown, and even for Brett he was saying some strange stuff. That is great, not medically speaking, but great non the less. I just hope that they can pull it together by the time I get to the Tundra.

Other than that not much has been going on. Work is work, things seem to be going good for the time being, we have a lot of work to do before the Board shows up in a week or so, but I am going to have faith. I do have to go in on Friday, my usual day off, to do BI (Bibliographic Instruction) to the Orientation class. I have only ever really done this once, but I am much better prepared this time around. I have an entire Power Point presentation ready and handouts, I am at least going to look really good :P Send up some words of encouragement for me right about 11 am Friday, I will need them, and keep your fingers crossed for me that all the technology stuff works for me.

That's it from this bunny hole, keep on keepin' it real. Peace

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