Murphy's Law @ Work

I have the first installment of what I am going to call, Murphy's Law @ Work!

We all know who Murphy is, the guy who basically said if it can happen it will at the most inopportune time one could image, that guy. Well, he is at work all the time, here is my latest run in with him.

So, I am out of town on an overnight business trip and I packed relatively light, with TSA restrictions and baggage fees one night really did not warrant checking luggage. I am staying at a very nice hotel, I checked it out before hand and notice free wifi (love it and thank you) and the standard hair dryer and iron in every room. Sweet, perfect no problem then I can do my hair and all is right in the world. Not so fast, all was not right. Oh no, Mr. Murphy was hard at work.

That is right, he knew it was a big day for me. He also knew that I did not sleep very well the night before either (his doing I just know it, more on that later). When he saw the opportunity he struck, and not in a good way. I am getting ready for my very big day and I go to do my hair. Now the hair dryer was not a standard stuck to the wall hotel hair dryer since it wasn't on the vanity in plain sight. So, I figured it must be in the drawer, logical I realize that now but I was tired and to be honest stressing just a touch. I looked in the closet, since in Denver it was hanging in a nice bag marked Hair Dryer in gold stitching, but I did not see it. I did however find the iron, super I don't need the iron I need the hair dryer. I search some more and come up empty handed, I had no choice honestly. I picked up the phone and called the front desk and when the nice lady answered I said, "Hi, I am not sure if it is because I am tired, stressed, or blind but could you tell me where I might find the hair dryer in this room?" To which she promptly replied, "Well its in the closet behind the iron." I was dumb founded, thanked her for her time and hung up, walked to the closet. Yes sir, wouldn't you know it there it was, curled up nicely and tucked in the dark closet behind the iron.

I could not believe that Mr. Murphy could be so cruel, yes life lesson learned, always bring a flashlight and look behind the iron for the hair dryer. But seriously, it really made more stress for me than was necessary, funny none the less but seriously not so much all at the same time. In the end, my hair for the most part looked pretty good and my very big day went pretty fantastic. Still not liking Mr. Murphy but that part of the story will be for the next installment of Murphy's Law @ Work.

Things have been going pretty good here for the most part, stay tuned on that news. That is it for now, peace out!