And I don't mean a mineral or the pro wrestler turn actor. I mean that Rocks or as I was told the other day "you Rock!"

The other day I say a friend of mine on line, well I thought it was a friend, it turned out to be her teenage son working on a paper due the next day. Why is it that you kids procrastinate getting stuff done? Anyway, I offered my Librarian skills to help him, not only with his homework but from being strangled by his mother. He was working on a social studies assignment dealing with economies. It was actually a very well thought out project. He had a lot of it done, but needed some help with the summary of it, which I was able to help with. The main part was the flag. The assignment was to create a place and then create its economy and a flag, they had to have some history of the place also. His place was "Football Island" an agriculturally based society made up of two clans the Eagles and the Patriots. His flag was black, yellow, with a red, a football in the center and goal posts on each side. He had to indicate what the different parts of the flag stood for. This is where I came in. I gave him some ideas and he ran with them. When it was done, he thanked me by saying, "thanks, you rock, I hope your around when I go to college." That made me feel so good.

The next night I was talking to his mom and she thanked me as well. She said she was wondering how he got done with the assignment so quickly, he told her he was inspired. Wow, I'm an inspiration, how totally cool. He did tell her that I helped. She just laughed, then we were able to laugh together about it. Hopefully he did well on it, she is going to let me know his grade when he gets it back. So, keep your fingers crossed that its an A, okay maybe a B.

Other than that not much has been going on. I have been extremely busy at work, as usual, trying to recatalog the collection, do usage reports, surveys for American Libraries, reworking the manual, and a bunch of other reports as well. Luckily, it actually looks like we are making progress, at least the light at the end of the tunnel is visible, it may be just a pinhole, but its visible. We are almost done with the reference section, then its on to the main collection.

Oh, I did manage to update my webpage, I added an entire page of pictures from the four Green Bay Packer games I have been too. When you visit that page make sure to have your speakers on because I have a super fantastic song playing, oh and high speed works the best. I did do some reworking on the other pages as well, including adding a picture to the picture page and updating the calendar. It seemed like it took forever but I am pleased with the outcome.

The animals are all doing well. Our kittens are still very high strung, but they are kitties. I just wish they would stop getting on the counters in the kitchen, if any one has any idea how to stop this please let me know. All of them, the cats, are getting along better now too. We will catch the older one cleaning one of them from time to time, and at night they all cuddle together. Its a good thing we have a king sized bed because with both dogs, all three cats, and the two of us it is full. The dogs really like all the cats, which is good, the funny thing about it is when one of the dogs wants to clean one of the cats. One lick and the cat is soaked, but they keep going, talk about a shower. It is nice that harmony has happened in the house, for a while we were not sure it would happen.

Well thats all from this bunny hole, hope all is well with y'all. Keep on keepin it. Peace

I am the BUG!!

Yep, some days you are the bug and some days you are the windshield. Lately I have felt like the bug, in fact the bug that makes the big gutsy mess all over the windshield. But, things should start looking up, I am trying to stay positive.

Sorry its been so long since I have posted, lots have been happening--as from the first part not all of it good. However, there have been some days that I have been the windshield. For instance, I had a great birthday, despite some embarrassment (you know who you are). And even though my favoritest team was not in the Stupid Bowl, as the husband calls it, the team I wanted to win, won. Way to go New England!

Other than all that not much here, just trying to scrap myself off the windshield. So from this bunny hole to your, keep on keepin it--its all we go. Peace.