Due to Budget Cuts

Can I just say that I HATE that phrase, especially when I have to use it.  Today I had to do something I was hoping I would never have to do, I had to let a part-time employee go due to the budget.  Totally sucked, but she is gracious and understanding, and she is already retired, just wanted a part-time job.  But when they get rid of Adjunct Faculty she was on the list too.  Did I mention this totally sucked?  Not only did I have to tell her, but I had to inform my staff, one of which I still need to inform because she went home sick.  Too bad too, because she is one that will be the most directly effected by this decision.  Looks like more work for all of us.  I tried to keep her, I really did, but there was nothing I could do, totally and completely SUCKS!!!  I can honestly say I hope that I NEVER EVER have to do that again.

Other than that I have been working feverishly on the baby gifts for Saturday's Baby Shower.  I am so excited, I have both albums done--whoo hoo!!!  Just some finishing touches to both, make a card and the gift bag and life is good.  Thank goodness too, because I have so much other stuff that I need to do between now and well for the most part the 15th.

I need to make 60 Christmas Tags and stamp them for the kid's stockings.  I am hoping that we can stamp them at work, they won't all be the same but they will all be stamped.  Too bad I cannot bring the Bug to work, because then we would make them all right there.  I also need to make three gift card holder cards, have no idea what I am going to do this year, but hopefully something will come to me quick.  I also want to make Christmas Cards for everyone at work, which is about 30 people, YIKES, hopefully I will at least get my department done this weekend in time for the Christmas Party.  I also need to get cards made for family as well as get some gifts for the niece and nephews, one hopes I can do a good job.  Oh, and I got my first assignment for OOTF, and well that is due by the 15th.  And then there is everything else.

My wedding anniversary is on the 10th, whoo hoo!!  We will be celebrating 10 years, how crazy is that.  I have been working about 50 hours a week, I have meetings, and projects I am working on, I would really like to scrap for me, and to actually enjoy watching a football game.  Calgon and Mr. Bacardi take me away to a special place.  Seriously, this is one stressed out Bunny.  

I can say, that it has to get better, hopefully it cannot get much worse--but don't quote me on that because, well, where is that wood I should be knocking on?  Thanks for letting me vent, not that I feel any better about the day, but at least I got that off my chest.  Well, I will post the albums and such when I get everything done.  That's it from now from the Bunny Hole, peace!