Well its ABOUT TIME!

I know I know, 20 lashings for not posting, shame on me. Okay so there is a lot to catch up on so I might as well go monthly.

June: I flew to Wisconsin for my parent's 40th Anniversary surprise party. It was a surprise all right, even more so when the parents found out that older brother and I had been in town for three days already and that we slept next door the night before. Hee hee, my mom about fell over on that. The party was great, most of both sides of the family was there as well as some friends we have not seen in what seemed like ages. I took tons of pics and had a great time.

About a week after I got home I had the annual ACL conference to attend. Lucky for me it was in Columbia so I didn't have to travel anywhere and I got to sleep in my own bed every night. I again learned a lot and had a great time. Librarian's playing Jeopardy can be very interesting, I do have to say that Jen, Charlessa and I were all amazed I was not a question or an answer--thank goodness. I also am now on the ACL CLC team which is pretty cool.

Other than that June was just like any other month :D.

July: Well July started pretty good. I took the 5th off to hang out on the scrapbook forum for the July 5th celebration. I scrapped all day and hung out with my online scrapbuddies all day, and it was well worth it. CX was giving out prizes every half hour just like on National Scrapbook Day. Well, I was in the chat room chatting when all of a sudden my chat screen was not responding to me but I kept seeing my name come up. I was curious and frantic all at the same time. Then one of the administrators popped me a message to congratulate me on being the GRAND PRIZE WINNER! Well I could not respond, I imed a friend to tell her to tell everyone that my chat was not responding and to ask what I won. Well about five minutes later the prize window opened to show me that I won $1200 worth of Sizzix dies. Well I about died, I gave a scream, everyone home came running into my scrap room to find out what was wrong. They found me crying with a huge smile on my face chanting "I won I won I won!" They were unimpressed, that is until the next morning when they saw my prize package and then they knew. I am still in shock. Man did I ever have fun picking out all those dies.

At the end of the month I traveled to central Florida to meet a scrapbuddy and attend an overnight crop. On the way down I met "Coach" for breakfast and coffee in Savannah, she is such a sweetheart. In Florida I met Yams, and man did we ever have a blast--I never thought I would answer to Bunny but I did. LOL! Everyone else at the crop must have thought we were nuts, especially when they found out that it was the first time we had ever met face-to-face. I found a great scrapbuddy, now if we just lived closer. It was a great weekend, and we have another one planned for the new year.

August: I finally got all my dies! I was home the day "The Box" came, hubby was ordered to take pictures of me opening the box so I imed him to tell him to come home right away. Well, about four hours later he got home--stupid work he had to finish. But then I still had to wait another hour to open "The Box" I definitely learned some patience and self control skills that day. Well we got over 100 pictures of me opening the box and playing with its contents, including all three cats helping me. My face still hurts from all that smiling.

Later in the month I hosted a Celebration Crop, I had about five people come and crop with me at a co-worker's fellowship hall. It was a fun day. Other than scrappin, chattin, and working not much happened in August--oh and the students returned to campus.

September: Another month full of scrappin and chattin. I have gotten a lot of pages done, been in some craft swaps and have had a great time at the Xpressions forums. At the end of the month a friend held an overnight crop at her house, so again I moved out of my scrap room and headed out. We had an absolute blast, those two are so fun to scrap with. No worries Yams you were missed ;).

Other than that Football season started, so I spend Sunday or Monday night glued to my television in my Green and Gold hollering and cheering my team on. September was not such a good month so I am hoping that October will be better.

October: Well the month has just started so not much to report. My personalized Packer jersey should be here tomorrow so I am ultra excited about that! Other wise I am busy at work with work and HizDay. We are holding a fundraising crop for HizDay in November so I am busy planning and preparing for that. Click here to learn more about Croppin' for HizDay! I am looking forward to this because a bunch of my scrapbuddies from CX are planning on attending. It is starting to shape up, but still a lot of work needs to be done.

Okay, so there you go! Oh, the cats are doing great still as crazy as ever, and the dogs are well dogs. They are such a joy to have around, its silly how they will all cuddle together as well as very cute. The days are finally getting cool here, but we need rain. There has been no impact weather wise by the hurricanes, however gas prices are crazy!! I watched them go up by $1 in less than three days--totally wrong I tell ya! So basically that has been my biggest complaint, at least that I care to share.

Now that you are bored to tears I will close the bunny hole. Keep on keepin' it, peace!