Football Season--Finally

First I want to say bad bunny on the blog posting, but hey life got real busy when September hit.

Yes it is my very favorite season of the year--Football Season!!! Real women love football, the rest of y'all stay in the kitchen!!! With that said I got to start out the 2009 Football season in absolute style.

Week One, Sunday Night Football, Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin the Packers beat the Chicago Bears and I WAS THERE!! I could not talk for almost a whole week after that game, but sometimes winning the game means losing your voice!!! That was a rule I lived by, the last 2.5 minutes of that game I screamed, I hollered, I yelled, and I cheered. I am going to say that was the best ending to a football game ever, at least for me being at live. I mean really, if you watched it you get it, if you were there you know it!! Dad and I had a blast and an opening night win totally rocked!!! Go Pack Go!! More Packer Football to follow.

Week Three, Saturday Night, Williams Brice Stadium season opener, Columbia, South Carolina the University of South Carolina Gamecocks beat the Florida Atlantic Owls and I WAS THERE!!! What a fun game too, I am going to say that Carolina has the best entrance in College Ball, honestly. There is nothing like 2001 blaring, the smoke billowing, Cocky, the cheerleaders, the band, and then the team runs out it is so awesome. It may not have been a pretty game but it was a win, so Go Gamecocks!!!

So, you may have noticed that I have put the fan back in fanatic when it comes to my teams. I watch all the Packer games even though I live in South Carolina and I am lucky enough to have tickets to see the Gamecocks. I have to say 83,000 people is crazy, and the Student Section is insane (one of these days I may try to sit over there, lol) when they jump you can feel them in my seats!! Oh and my new seats this year ROCK!

How are my teams doing you may ask, well, the Gamecocks broke into the top 25 this week after their win over SC State. Let me say the week before that we the unranked Carolina Gamecocks beat number 4 Ole Miss, and that game was crazy. I can honestly say I have never been to a louder game, and the ending was pretty similar to the Packers Bears game I was at. This week we are at home again to face Kentucky--tailgating is breakfast biscuits with coffee. More to come!! So we are 4-1 for the season and 1-1 in the SEC, the toughest Division in College Ball.

My Packers are 2-2 going into the bye week. We are banged up and are showing some gaps. We cannot let our Quarterback get sacked 8 times in a game, even if half of them are his fault. The loss to the Bengals was horrible, we had Chad Johnson (sorry there is only one 85 in my NFL) for the most part all day. Speaking of my 85 can you show the man the ball? But then again our receivers have been having the drops, basically our Offense is offensive. I could go into a big huge rant right now but I need to be cautious as the open wounds of Monday night are still fresh and burning from the salt. I think ESPN needs to check what a football game is, can someone please send them the link to Webster's Dictionary? I mean honestly, by the time the game started I had the feeling that there was only one team playing and well frankly only one person, make me throw up. Did they really think WE the Cheese Head Faithful needed reminding of what the history is, was, and always will be there? Get a grip, you didn't show that man that much love any other time of his career--I remember I have been there. Okay, that little soap box is gone. But I said don't get me started. If you would like to discuss this more leave a comment.

I will say, that I have been having a lot of fun during the game chatting with the guys at CheeseheadTV before during and after the games. There is a live chat as well as a live blog and we have fun win or lose. One word of caution, shots on Monday night not always good for Tuesday morning, but I was to work on time. Thanks guys, looking forward to the next game.

So, if I am MIA or have nothing what so ever to share that is scrap book related you now know why. I will at least attempt to do some football blogging, I will be sure to behave, I will leave all the bad words out. I will also try to get some pictures up. Until next time Go Packers!! Go Gamecocks!!! Stay safe and have fun, peace out from the Bunny Hole.

It's been CRAZY

First sorry its been so long, but things have been crazy since I got back from my mom and dads. The AALL Annual Meeting and Conference was held the end of July in D.C., so that kept me busy getting ready to go, going, and then coming back. The Law students are also back to school so we were dealing with that at work. I also have another trip planned to go to a Green Bay Packer game the middle of September, and then there is Gamecock Football starting. I am so ready for some football. I am happy to say that even though I have been very busy I have had time to scrap. And I have been having a blast using my favorite line of paper--BasicGrey. I just love everything about this paper, and so I thought I would share with you some projects created using the various lines of BasicGrey, so here they are.
Lienie--this was created thanks to a good friend of mine who sent me all these wonderful BasicGrey Scraps, yes all scraps were used for this out of the Periphery line. With some help from the Cricut and a sketch from 52 Sketches I really like how it turned out, added some Primas to bring out the girly girl nature I wanted in this page.
Don't go OVERBOARD--this was done for a challenge at a scrappy site. The layout had to have orange and light blue as well as a quote. So, I cut into my Lime Rickey collection and with the help of my Cricut and Life's a Beach Cart I really like how this turned out. The title is my quote and putting it in the waves helps the letters come off the page as if they were falling out of the boat. I still need to add the journaling which will be on the light blue circle under the life ring.
90& Fabulous--I love this picture of my uncle pinning on my grandma's flowers at her 90th birthday party. The Lemonade line is perfect for this picture as it shows the softness of the moment, the stitching was done with a Bazzill Stitchz template and embroidery floss. I used Graphically Speaking for all the flower layers and the title.

Well that's about it, stay safe and have fun. Peace out from the Bunny Hole!

Life can be full of F words!

Get your mind out of the gutters!  I am talking Fiscal Close, Family, Friends, and Facebook--sheesh you people.  Warning not much scrappy here!  

Life has been pretty hectic with the end of the Fiscal Year and all the work that is necessary for that.  I can honestly say I never thought that becoming a librarian would require me to do math, not my favorite subject, but become and acquisition's librarian and well I live in numbers.  In fact this year I felt like Scrat, the little squirrel in Ice Age.  I tell you when $.07 yes seven cents has you all tweaked out, trust me you know what exactly how he feels about that dang acorn.  But, its all worked out so whoop whoop for me and my team!

On to Family.  My mom's birthday was last week and I really wanted to do something nice for her, so I did.  I surprised her by showing up at her house on her birthday.  It was great fun to surprise her like that.  Only a hand full of people knew I was going to be up that way, didn't want the cat to get out of the bag, and so I was off.  My dad picked me up at the airport where we devised the rest of our scheme.  I had a plan and just needed to get him in on it.  I needed a balloon and a bow, he needed a card.  On to the store, no worries, all three attained.  Then it was on to the house.  Dad went in and I waited a little while and then called mom.  I wished her a happy birthday, asked if she got her card, and then asked if her present was there.  Hee hee, I can be so devilish at times.  She was like no but I haven't looked, and we were talking.  At one point she asked me if I was at home and I was like, hum, nope at work just wanted to call.  Did I mention I was walking in the back door of my childhood home, lol.  So, in the short, she was greatly surprised to see that her present had arrived, right on time.  She even called me a little shoot, lol, and said something about cell phones.  

Friends and Facebook actually go hand in hand.  I just gotta say that I am so glad that I checked the graduating class ahead of me from high school because I finally found a friend I had been hoping to find for a while.  But wait it gets better, she only lives 3 yes 3 hours away, I am so stoked.  I have not seen her since like 1996 I mean, wow!!  Crazy, I know.  So its been a great thing catching up with her, now just to find time to get together.  

I can say Facebook is a beautiful thing, its also allowing me to stay in contact with my cousins better--it was great seeing them all while I was at my parent's.  We had a great visit at Grandma's 90th birthday, and I just need to add, elderly say the darnedest things.   I also got to see some good friends, missed one but she knows I will get her next time.  And until then keep fighting like a girl, we are all here for you.

Other than that just gearing up for AALL this next week.  It will be nice to see colleagues I have only emailed with over the last year or so.  I am also excited about going to the Library of Congress--I truly am a nerd, but I am ok with that.  It will be a full hectic week, but I am up for the challenge.  Well, that's it from the bunny hole for now, peace out!

Sketches Anyone?

I absolutely love sketches, creating them, using them, changing them, and they can be down right handy when preparing for a crop.  So, I am always on the look out for new sketch sites, and well with the help of Picnic I found a super place for sketches, the blog 52 sketches.  I was really on the look out because I was getting ready for a benefit crop I attended last weekend.  It was a great crop too, more on that later.  Anyway, I wanted to scrap the group picture I have from the Acoustic Lunch that Jayne and I went to one afternoon, and since it was such a fun crazy thing I thought the page needed some of that attitude too.   And 52 sketches had it, number 23, with a flip of the design it was perfect.

What do you think?

Here is a close up of the Grunge Board skull with I painted with Smooch, I just need to say I love this stuff.  The circles and the title were cut out of the Black Magic Coordinates paper, it is black on top and red underneath, I love the effect it gives when all distressed--done with sand paper.d

I used the Cricut Indie Art cart to cut the barbed wire, the silver paper was a little difficult only because the color was like a film over the paper so, next time I will use some Bazzill most likely, but I have had this forever and just wanted to use it.  

Materials for "With the Band"
Bazzill Card stock
Coordinates Card stock
Karen Foster Pattern Paper
Love Elsie Pattern Paper
Silver Paper unknown
Cricut Expression--Indie Art, Wild Card (circles), Lyrical Letters
Me & My Big Ideas Bling
Making Memories Sandpaper Block
Zig Millennium Journaling Pen
Grunge Board

Good times for sure.  

Oh and the crop, the crop was a lot of fun.  I got a total of eight pages done, which for me is good.  I was just shy of my 10 page goal, but man was I tired.  The crop raised money and brought in a lot of non perishable foods for Harvest Hope Food Bank, which is good.  I made some new scrappy friends, so hopefully we will be able to get together soon and get our scrap on. 

Not much else, the Fiscal Year End was this past week, we have a few things to get done and then we will do our annual roll over in our system.  It was a pretty crazy week, working with numbers and making sure we were balanced to the penny--trying to find 7 cents in a 16 page invoice can get a touch nerve racking, but it was found.  I have also already started getting things in place for the coming fiscal year, so this way things can transition smoothly.  I learned a lot this past year with the budget cuts and all so I am looking forward to another year or challenges, growth, and perseverance. 

Seeing that its the 4th of July, I think I will celebrate my freedom by scrapping some and thing going for a swim.  Have a great and safe holiday, from the Bunny Hole, peace out!

Hop Along on the OOTF Blog Hop#2

Hop on over!!

Well if you are hoping along today with OOTF then you got here by way of Fink-hugs girl, miss you! 

June is a crazy month for us when it comes to birthdays and other events, in fact June has five birthdays, one anniversary, and Father's Day, so I have been, well more like need to be, a card making fool.  I can say if it weren't for my Expression and Wild Card Cart this month would be just about impossible.  I do not work for the company but I will say that this Cart is a MUST!!  

I made this card for my grandmother who turns 90 at the end of this month.  
I remember when I was little and growing up she had a few owls throughout the house.  So when I saw this card on Wild Card I knew it would be perfect for Grans!


Card Stock--DCWV and Paper Studio
Inks--Colorbox Fluid Chalk and Pigment Ink, Stampin' UP! Classic ink
Pens--Gelly Roll Glitter Pens (out lining a few places such as the tree trunk, tree greenery, and the feathers), Glaze Pen (inside of the eyes and beak)
Miscellaneous--Diamond Glaze (beak), Doodlebug Jewels (eyes), Making Memories sander
Cricut Expression and Wild Card Cartridge (5")

This was such an easy card to put together and I think distressing it really made it look a little more authentic.  Quick and easy is perfect when you have so many cards to make and so little time!

Well thanks for hopping on over, now please hop on over to CutTheScrap's (aka Cutter) blog and see what kind of eye candy she has for you.

That's it from the Bunny Hole, enjoy the hop!  Peace Out!

Long time no posts

Yeah sorry about that, life gets a little crazy this time of year for me.  Coming into the last stretch of a crazy budget year is a little more stressful then just a regular budget year.  So yeah if I start busting into random numbers and equations attempting to find the percentage increase or decrease of an item don't worry its totally normal.  Now if by chance I then give a predication as to what I think the cost will be next year at this time based on an average of years past be afraid be very afraid!  Yes, this means that I am not only doing math but I am doing serious math.  Who knew that my job as a librarian would require me to do so much math, thank you UW-LaX for making me take Statistics most appreciated.

Ok, onto other stuff.  Mom and dad made it home safe and  healthy from Mexico the day before Mother's Day, whoo hoo!  Yes very excited about that.  Haven't heard much about the trip will need to get some details and hopefully some pictures soon.  They did come home to some craziness however.  While they were out there was a forest fire behind the house, yes a forest fire!!  The fire department thinks an arc caused it, the power lines go through there.  Luckily it went north and not south and no one was hurt.  My sister luckily caught a glimpse of it and called the fire department.  I guess three fire departments responded due to the size of the blaze, yikes!  Again waiting on pictures.  But like I said no one was hurt and the houses are fine.

Scrappy wise I am gearing up to go to a benefit crop the end of June.  The crop is to benefit the Harvest Hope Food Bank so its for a good cause.  I will most likely will not be able to get there until after 4 the day it starts but its all good, three days of scrappy goodness is going to be needed!  It will be a great little de-stressor before the final fiscal push!  LOL that sounds so funny now that I typed it, anyway.  I have been scrapping away, I have 2 of 3 Father's Day cards done, 1 of 5 June Birthday cards done, and still need to work on one Anniversary card and 2 July Birthdays.  Ok, now I feel a little overwhelmed, lol, this looks like a job for Cricut!!  Love my bug, I am going to put a plug in for a couple of cartridges that I think are must haves, especially if you have difficulty with cards--Wild Card and Lyrical Letter!  Seriously, with these two carts you will never have to worry about another card again.  

I will leave you with a Birthday card I made for our 
nephew who will be 7 in June.  I used only the Cricut Wild Card Cartridge for this and cardstock (Colorbox)

This little monster is so perfect I think for a little boy.  Wild Card cut the card, candle, and cake slice so I
didn't have to change a cart once.  The card is cut at 5" as is the candle, the cake is cut at 2.5" i believe.  

The cake is covered with Fun Flock to make it more cake like, and the icing is done with Stickles, this was so fun to do and it looks so cool in person.  The Candle was covered in Diamond Glaze to give it the waxy appearance and then the flame was colored using my Smooch--whose got the Smooch, baby!  Love this stuff, my fav new product.  The inside reads: "Add another Candle! It's your Birthday!"
Oh, and the envelope for this card is too dang cute.

Next Outta This Funk Blog Hop is coming June 6th!  That's it from the Bunny Hole, peace!

Odds & Ends

Hi all, oh and I do believe the parents are home from Mexico, not sick and home.  

I didn't do much this weekend, Saturday I cleaned and ran my errands so I wouldn't have to leave the house on Sunday which was awesome.  Sunday was Mother's Day--happy Mother's Day!--so I decided it would be a PJ day as well as a scrap day.  So, I scrapped.  I found a great sketch challenge over at October Afternoon -- love their paper!-- so I had to play along, here it is:
Materials all Scraps
October Afternoon--Detours
Colorbox Fluid Chalk
LePlume Pen
Hand Journaling

I also created a couple of cute pages this weekend, all done somewhat on the fly--no plan, which is very tough for me, but I will share those at a later date.   I want to keep all y'all in suspense so you will stop by and visit me again.

Not much new here, looking forward to a visit from the in-laws this coming weekend.  That means that hopefully, fingers crossed, that we will be going out for some Sushi!  I am in desperate need of a Dragon Roll!  Well, I guess that's it for now, peace out from the Bunny Hole!

Happy National Scrapbook Day!!

It's a scrappy holiday, whooo hooo!  Can you believe it, it is true there really is a National Scrapbook Day, and today is it!  If you have to ask you don't know me to well, yes I am scrapping!  Last night was the first every cyber crop over at OOTF and I am working on the challenges.  I did run into the scrappy store (stamping bella addiction) and mikes--had to return that trimmer.  I am so looking forward to a fun day of scrapping and probably some chatting with the girls.  

I wanted to share a card I made for my Nephew, he turns 8 next week, so here it is.
Scraps of course--all Bazzill
Cricut Life's a Beach
Stamps by The Cat's Pajamas
Ink by Colorbox

Inside the card reads: "Shiver Me Timbers, It Be Yer Birthday!"

I almost forgot, the winner of my blog hop rak was Shellie!!  Girl I will get a little something out to you this week.  Thank you to everyone who left a comment, first time ever I have seen that many comments, so thank you again.  The hop was a lot of fun and I look forward to the next one.

Oh, still no word on the parents, but the wedding is today I believe so hopefully they will be home soon.  Sheesh.

Catch all y'all on the flip side, peace out from the Bunny Hole!

So, when do I freak?

Let me give you some background.  Friday night my mom calls to let me know that her and dad leave in the morning to go to Mexico for a couple weeks.  Oh, thanks for letting me know didn't know they were going, so good to know!  Saturday I get up open my Yahoo page and notice that there is a crazy little thing called the Swine Flu going on in Mexico and people have died.  Did I mention my dad is a transplant survivor?  I didn't?  Yeah, so there we get to my question of so, when do I freak?

I called my sister, she doesn't know how to get a hold of them, wth, seriously?  Ok, I will try their cell on the off chance that they not only have service in Mexico but that they have the phone on, yeah not so much.  So, do I try to find my aunt's number to see where they are and call?  Oh, right forgot, my cousin is getting married there next weekend so like a ton of people are suppose to be there--yeah no worries right?  I am stuck.  I am worried about my dad, this cannot be good.  

Now I read that they are saying all unnecessary travel to Mexico should be avoided, well crap they are already there.  This so got issued two days and a few hundred dollars short.  I am more than freaking out.  What if they don't let them back in to the States?  What if the wedding party (bride is in Mexico already too) isn't allowed to go to Mexico?  Man, my mind is working overtime I tell you.  Again, with the question so, when do I freak? 

I know, freaking out is not going to  make the situation even better, but what am I suppose to do?  Seriously, what would you do?  Because this bunny is stumped and about FREAKED OUT.  I guess I will have to wait for my sister to call me, she better call me, so I can talk to her.  I am not the only one worried about this am I?   CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!

Will keep all y'all posted, fingers crossed and good thoughts.  Peace out from the Bunny Hole.

Come and hop with me and OOTF!!

That's right, this is just one hop on the first ever OOTF blog hop.  Be sure to hop to all the other OOTF Community member blogs and check out all the eye candy.  These are such talented scrappers you are sure to get some inspiration.

I have had this Bella stamp for months now and I finally inked it, and I am in love!  Again I looked through my stash of scraps to find the perfect pp to go with this cute little stamp.  And since I love the color combo of pink and green I had to go with it.  Love this Fairest of Them All line from Imaginisce, add some ribbon (nutter inspired), a little bling on a Prima and its a very girly card.  I colored in my Bella with my Prisma Color Pencils, I so need to use these more often, also added a touch of fun with my glaze pens.

Thanks for peeking.  I will be drawing a random winner from all who post a comment and sending out a rack later this week.  Now hop on over to one of the sweetest most fun and fabulous scrappers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting Miss Teri at A bit of this. A bit of that. she is sure to inspire you!  Enjoy the hop everyone.  

Peace out from the Bunny Hole!

Use those Scraps

If you are a scrapper like me you have scraps all over the place.  I don't like to part with my scraps because I know I can use them.  Usually my pattern paper scraps gets used for cards, its a great way to use up those scraps of all that fun paper you didn't want to cut in the first place.  Seeing that it was my older sister's birthday this week I created a card for her using scraps of BasicGrey Urban Prairie, its such a yummy line.  
Bazzill Cardstock, BasicGrey Urban Prairie pp, BasicGrey Grow-a-Garden Stamps, Studio G Stamps, Scrappy Cat Font(Timbres Clair) Stamps, Stampin' Up! Ink, Me & My Big Ideas Bling

Use those scraps!!  Even the little bitty ones come in handy from time to time.  Until next time, that's it from the Bunny Hole

Some recent work

I just wanted to share a couple layouts that I have done recently.  Both of them are using BasicGrey Urban Prairie papers, so yummy, and both of them are from the same sketch that I came up with, just a different twist for both.  
 This is one of the pictures from my photo shoot in Utah.  Love how all the pictures turned out.  Prima flowers and Bazzill Stitchz template along with the Robin's Nest blobs and some fun bling brad really make this page fun.  Have to say thank you to the Cricut for some title help.

 This is a picture of my older brother, some crazy clown and myself at Opryland when I was like four.  Bazzill Chipboard helped add some dimension as did the Prima flowers and all the fun bling.  Again the Cricut sure did help with the title.

Thanks for looking!


Ok, its been a while, and I had to calm down before I even attempted to post this. But I am more than a little upset, I am downright mad.

Many of you know that for the last few years I have been a VERY active member of a (what I thought) was a great scrappy cyber home. Well that all came to a crashing halt this week. No, all of us ladies didn't finally let the drama happen or anything like that. Nope, CX themselves decided to pull the plug. They say it all messed up when they went to change servers, and since it was beyond repair they decided to just end it, right then and there. They didn't even have the decency to contact the design team, nope if you got a Newsletter you found out in a little blurb on the side.

I know I am not the only one who feels betrayed and very let down. We had a little family there, a group of people who laughed together, cried together, and genuinely cared about others. I can say I am glad that that will not end, oh no it won't. We are slowly moving to OOTF, Outta this Funk,! Which seems only fitting considering it is former CX DT members that created this wonderfully inspiring place. So, if you are a former member of the afore mentioned community and you feel lost, come on over to OOTF, they have rolled out the welcome mat!!

Can I just add, that the least THEY could have done was give us some time in the archives to maybe find some contact information and other items that could have been in there. The archives were up and running along with the chat room until they decided to pull the plug completely. I will add, their thank you to me irritates me. I didn't do it for the company, I did it for my family of scrappers, because we had fun and I wanted to.

Ok, I promise not to be such a stranger. Happy Scrappin'