So, when do I freak?

Let me give you some background.  Friday night my mom calls to let me know that her and dad leave in the morning to go to Mexico for a couple weeks.  Oh, thanks for letting me know didn't know they were going, so good to know!  Saturday I get up open my Yahoo page and notice that there is a crazy little thing called the Swine Flu going on in Mexico and people have died.  Did I mention my dad is a transplant survivor?  I didn't?  Yeah, so there we get to my question of so, when do I freak?

I called my sister, she doesn't know how to get a hold of them, wth, seriously?  Ok, I will try their cell on the off chance that they not only have service in Mexico but that they have the phone on, yeah not so much.  So, do I try to find my aunt's number to see where they are and call?  Oh, right forgot, my cousin is getting married there next weekend so like a ton of people are suppose to be there--yeah no worries right?  I am stuck.  I am worried about my dad, this cannot be good.  

Now I read that they are saying all unnecessary travel to Mexico should be avoided, well crap they are already there.  This so got issued two days and a few hundred dollars short.  I am more than freaking out.  What if they don't let them back in to the States?  What if the wedding party (bride is in Mexico already too) isn't allowed to go to Mexico?  Man, my mind is working overtime I tell you.  Again, with the question so, when do I freak? 

I know, freaking out is not going to  make the situation even better, but what am I suppose to do?  Seriously, what would you do?  Because this bunny is stumped and about FREAKED OUT.  I guess I will have to wait for my sister to call me, she better call me, so I can talk to her.  I am not the only one worried about this am I?   CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!

Will keep all y'all posted, fingers crossed and good thoughts.  Peace out from the Bunny Hole.

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GranShoo said...

Oh, Bunny, this situation is not good at all. Are they back home yet? Have either one had swine flu symptoms. No wonder you have been freaked out. I would have been, too!