Ok, its been a while, and I had to calm down before I even attempted to post this. But I am more than a little upset, I am downright mad.

Many of you know that for the last few years I have been a VERY active member of a (what I thought) was a great scrappy cyber home. Well that all came to a crashing halt this week. No, all of us ladies didn't finally let the drama happen or anything like that. Nope, CX themselves decided to pull the plug. They say it all messed up when they went to change servers, and since it was beyond repair they decided to just end it, right then and there. They didn't even have the decency to contact the design team, nope if you got a Newsletter you found out in a little blurb on the side.

I know I am not the only one who feels betrayed and very let down. We had a little family there, a group of people who laughed together, cried together, and genuinely cared about others. I can say I am glad that that will not end, oh no it won't. We are slowly moving to OOTF, Outta this Funk,! Which seems only fitting considering it is former CX DT members that created this wonderfully inspiring place. So, if you are a former member of the afore mentioned community and you feel lost, come on over to OOTF, they have rolled out the welcome mat!!

Can I just add, that the least THEY could have done was give us some time in the archives to maybe find some contact information and other items that could have been in there. The archives were up and running along with the chat room until they decided to pull the plug completely. I will add, their thank you to me irritates me. I didn't do it for the company, I did it for my family of scrappers, because we had fun and I wanted to.

Ok, I promise not to be such a stranger. Happy Scrappin'


Amy said...

CX is a poo poo head :(

Cameron said...

i will not ever buy another item from them... EVAH!