Long time no posts

Yeah sorry about that, life gets a little crazy this time of year for me.  Coming into the last stretch of a crazy budget year is a little more stressful then just a regular budget year.  So yeah if I start busting into random numbers and equations attempting to find the percentage increase or decrease of an item don't worry its totally normal.  Now if by chance I then give a predication as to what I think the cost will be next year at this time based on an average of years past be afraid be very afraid!  Yes, this means that I am not only doing math but I am doing serious math.  Who knew that my job as a librarian would require me to do so much math, thank you UW-LaX for making me take Statistics most appreciated.

Ok, onto other stuff.  Mom and dad made it home safe and  healthy from Mexico the day before Mother's Day, whoo hoo!  Yes very excited about that.  Haven't heard much about the trip will need to get some details and hopefully some pictures soon.  They did come home to some craziness however.  While they were out there was a forest fire behind the house, yes a forest fire!!  The fire department thinks an arc caused it, the power lines go through there.  Luckily it went north and not south and no one was hurt.  My sister luckily caught a glimpse of it and called the fire department.  I guess three fire departments responded due to the size of the blaze, yikes!  Again waiting on pictures.  But like I said no one was hurt and the houses are fine.

Scrappy wise I am gearing up to go to a benefit crop the end of June.  The crop is to benefit the Harvest Hope Food Bank so its for a good cause.  I will most likely will not be able to get there until after 4 the day it starts but its all good, three days of scrappy goodness is going to be needed!  It will be a great little de-stressor before the final fiscal push!  LOL that sounds so funny now that I typed it, anyway.  I have been scrapping away, I have 2 of 3 Father's Day cards done, 1 of 5 June Birthday cards done, and still need to work on one Anniversary card and 2 July Birthdays.  Ok, now I feel a little overwhelmed, lol, this looks like a job for Cricut!!  Love my bug, I am going to put a plug in for a couple of cartridges that I think are must haves, especially if you have difficulty with cards--Wild Card and Lyrical Letter!  Seriously, with these two carts you will never have to worry about another card again.  

I will leave you with a Birthday card I made for our 
nephew who will be 7 in June.  I used only the Cricut Wild Card Cartridge for this and cardstock (Colorbox)

This little monster is so perfect I think for a little boy.  Wild Card cut the card, candle, and cake slice so I
didn't have to change a cart once.  The card is cut at 5" as is the candle, the cake is cut at 2.5" i believe.  

The cake is covered with Fun Flock to make it more cake like, and the icing is done with Stickles, this was so fun to do and it looks so cool in person.  The Candle was covered in Diamond Glaze to give it the waxy appearance and then the flame was colored using my Smooch--whose got the Smooch, baby!  Love this stuff, my fav new product.  The inside reads: "Add another Candle! It's your Birthday!"
Oh, and the envelope for this card is too dang cute.

Next Outta This Funk Blog Hop is coming June 6th!  That's it from the Bunny Hole, peace!


Fink said...

I am glad you posted! Sorry to hear about the budget stress! Glad they were able to get the fire out too! I so know how tough that could be! Hugs bun!

some kind of wonderful said...

i seriously love that card!! will be borrowing that one:)