Life can be full of F words!

Get your mind out of the gutters!  I am talking Fiscal Close, Family, Friends, and Facebook--sheesh you people.  Warning not much scrappy here!  

Life has been pretty hectic with the end of the Fiscal Year and all the work that is necessary for that.  I can honestly say I never thought that becoming a librarian would require me to do math, not my favorite subject, but become and acquisition's librarian and well I live in numbers.  In fact this year I felt like Scrat, the little squirrel in Ice Age.  I tell you when $.07 yes seven cents has you all tweaked out, trust me you know what exactly how he feels about that dang acorn.  But, its all worked out so whoop whoop for me and my team!

On to Family.  My mom's birthday was last week and I really wanted to do something nice for her, so I did.  I surprised her by showing up at her house on her birthday.  It was great fun to surprise her like that.  Only a hand full of people knew I was going to be up that way, didn't want the cat to get out of the bag, and so I was off.  My dad picked me up at the airport where we devised the rest of our scheme.  I had a plan and just needed to get him in on it.  I needed a balloon and a bow, he needed a card.  On to the store, no worries, all three attained.  Then it was on to the house.  Dad went in and I waited a little while and then called mom.  I wished her a happy birthday, asked if she got her card, and then asked if her present was there.  Hee hee, I can be so devilish at times.  She was like no but I haven't looked, and we were talking.  At one point she asked me if I was at home and I was like, hum, nope at work just wanted to call.  Did I mention I was walking in the back door of my childhood home, lol.  So, in the short, she was greatly surprised to see that her present had arrived, right on time.  She even called me a little shoot, lol, and said something about cell phones.  

Friends and Facebook actually go hand in hand.  I just gotta say that I am so glad that I checked the graduating class ahead of me from high school because I finally found a friend I had been hoping to find for a while.  But wait it gets better, she only lives 3 yes 3 hours away, I am so stoked.  I have not seen her since like 1996 I mean, wow!!  Crazy, I know.  So its been a great thing catching up with her, now just to find time to get together.  

I can say Facebook is a beautiful thing, its also allowing me to stay in contact with my cousins better--it was great seeing them all while I was at my parent's.  We had a great visit at Grandma's 90th birthday, and I just need to add, elderly say the darnedest things.   I also got to see some good friends, missed one but she knows I will get her next time.  And until then keep fighting like a girl, we are all here for you.

Other than that just gearing up for AALL this next week.  It will be nice to see colleagues I have only emailed with over the last year or so.  I am also excited about going to the Library of Congress--I truly am a nerd, but I am ok with that.  It will be a full hectic week, but I am up for the challenge.  Well, that's it from the bunny hole for now, peace out!

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