Ups and Downs

Face Plant
Since my last post life has had some ups and downs. Up: finished another wedding album page. Down: Washing machine broke down. Up: Washing machine was fixable. Down: Had to go to work on Friday. Up: The entire class was present and it went well. Down: Packers got their tails handed to them. Up: SC CheeseHead won.

Ups and downs, downs and ups.

The second album page looks pretty good. It is actually the last page of the album, but it is another page done.

The orientation class went pretty well, I gave out candy so I scored some points there. I learned that I talk really fast when presenting, something to work on. However I did have a lot of information to cover and only 50 minutes to do it, I did it. I hope that people learned some stuff, fingers are crossed.

No comment on the Packers, I am too disgusted to even, just never mind.

The SC CheeseHead won, hurray, I was down by 100 before kick off Monday night so at least that went my way. Good to redeem myself especially after the whoopin' I took last week from Mr. B, next time.

Well that is all from this little bunny hole for now. Keep on keepin' it real! Peace :P


Kate said...

Six years?! Wow. I got married almost two weeks ago, and felt guilty that I hadn't put together any wedding pic webpages yet...I feel a little better now.

Library Bunny said...

Glad that I could help rid you of that guilt.