With the school year finally over I was actually able to take a small vacation. Two weeks of practically nothing. It has been so nice not really having to do anything, but take a shower and eat. I am so sorry to see it come to an end Tuesday morning when the alarm clock will once again go off to get my sorry self out of the bed and on the road to work. Oh well, all good things must come to an end.

What did I do for my vacation? Basically I scrapbooked for two weeks. That is right, I put myself in creative mode and went to town. I did have to go get an oil change one day, oh well might as well go to Michael's and take advantage of their sale. Then I had to go into Columbia one day for the hubby, and well a couple scrapbook stores were on the way. :D That one scrapbook store could most certainly get me into serious trouble *wink wink* I found the coolest Harley Davidson paper, the diamond plate looks so real.

How many pages did I get done? Let see, I believe two for the inlaws; a two pager for the wedding album; and five others for the regular album. One of these five is a two pager for HIZ Day 05, its done with retro like paper and I think turned out well. I will have to wait and see what people have to say about it.

I have really started using all kinds of techniques and tricks to my layouts now, trying new things all the time. I am trying not to be intimidated by the beautiful works that others have, or by the materials themselves. Basically I am having a blast being creative and preserving memories all at the same time. I wish I had some people close by that I could scrap with, oh well, maybe some day. For now I have been hanging out at the Creative Express forum and having a lot of fun, everyone is very nice and encouraging, not to mention WAY talented. Here is the link If you decide to join please tell them that Library Bunny sent ya ;)

I hope to get some pages up on the web page soon. Hope all is well with all ya all. Keep on keepin it, PEACE.

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LN said...

YAY for an update! :) Sorry your vacation has to end tomorrow, but I'll see you there! Be sure to bring those Hiz Day pages to show me!