I can't take it any more!

That is right, the suspense is killing me and I don't know how much more I can take. What, do you ask? Well I will tell you. I want to know what Brett Favre (best NFL quarterback of all time, #4 of the Green Bay Packers) is going to do in 2005. Is he going to retire, is he going to play? I need to know, as do the rest of the Green & Gold faithful.

I really want to see him back for another season, if not two, maybe three. But I would not blame him if he decided to hang up the pads and stay home in Mississippi with his family. Reasons: Deanna, his wife, has breast cancer; he has two daughters; and our (the Packers) offensive line has been what seems to be decimated by Free Agency. However, I am hoping that he is still loving the game, having fun playing, and sees playoff and superbowl potential in the team that is currently assembled.

So, there ya go!! I just want to know what Brett is going to do. If he does retire I just want to say THANK YOU Brett, for being unselfish, a true leader and role model, as well as a joy to watch. I am honored to have been able to see you in action in Lambeau Field. So, as Elroy and the Diehards say "We LOVE Brett Favre! Our kind of guy, when he's on the field and Lambeau you can feel that Green Bay pride!" I also need to say thank you to his family, for allowing all of us Cheese Heads to share him with them over all these years, we love you all.

Well from this Green & Gold bunny hole, keep on keepin it. Peace

When does football season start? I think I am going through withdrawals.

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