Pork Overdose

Yep that's right, Pork Overdose!! That is what happens when one deals with 500 pounds of BBQ Pork, hash, and rice. I best explain. This last Saturday we had a BBQ Dinner fundraiser for HIZ Day, and it was a great success, and we had to prepare everything. Well that may be and understatement seeing that the folks of the church we were at helped more than any one could have hoped--so THANK YOU!! Everyone did their part, but it was a lot of work, well worth it, but I will not need BBQ Pork for like ever. I am hoping that the BBQ Dinner will foreshadow the success of HIZ Day 2005. It is a free concert featuring Christian Music, we have a few bands booked already, for more information visit www.smcollege.edu and link to the HIZ Day page.

Other than that not much has been going on. Still doing physical therapy twice a week and exercises at home for my knee, the stupid thing just doesn't want to get better. The way it sounds is that I have arthritis starting in it already so it should be fun. Oh well, as the hubby says, your fault!! The price one pays for a little fun can at times be just to great. I can say I did have fun while playing volley ball and the fellowship in the hospital waiting room wasn't too bad either.

Well, deep subject, there is not much else to report here. Hope all is well in y'alls bunny holes wherever they maybe, back to mine. Keep on keepin it. Peace

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