Happy 2005

Howdy all, sorry for the lengthy absence from the posting, holidays and all.

I had a great holiday season this year. Then again anything would be better than last year!! Yep, yep, I was sedation and crutch free this holiday season. And, instead of starting physical therapy the day after Christmas, I had already started and had a wonderful session the day before Christmas Eve. Much better all around, I even remember who sent us what gifts!! Trust me this is a feat in itself.

Got some great crafting supplies, cool perfectly tuned wind chimes, my mom's homemade caramel (it isn't Christmas without caramel--hey we didn't get none last year, just one more reason it was better this year. I also got a pair of really super cool slippers, "The rabbit with the big sharp pointy teeth" from the Search for the Holy Grail. They are so great, will have to post a picture. What else, oh yeah, the Farve book, by Brett Farve and his mother Bonita. I am even almost done reading it (surprise huh?). The coolest thing about the book, is that I actually can point out where I sit when I am at a Packer game--you can see my dad's hat in the full stadium shot, it is so cool.

Other than that the best stocking stuffer of them all--the Green Bay Packers beating the Minnesota ViQueens in the bubble on Christmas Eve. It was a very good game, nail bitter actually but we did it. Then this week we also beat Chicago to ring in the New Year, at soldier Field I might add. Now it is the post season, and the playoffs. So, yet again we will be playing the Queens, on our home turf for a blustery January day in Green Bay Wisconsin. I really am hoping that Ferguson is back after that horrendous hit in week 15 against Jacksonville. Lets hope that the Queens don't even see it coming, and then it is one step closer to the Super Bowl.

As for Fantasy Football. I did end up making it to the playoffs, I didn't do that good, but at least I didn't come in last. I can say that playing the number one and two ranked teams the first two weeks of the VFL Playoffs did not help me at all, not to mention starters getting benched early in games to keep them fresh for the NFL Playoffs. Oh well, better luck for the SCCheeseHead next year.

The knee is getting stronger. Have some work to do on it yet, doctor was not completely happy with my progress, but there has been a lot of trauma to it in the last year. Shall we recap. December 22, 2003 ACL and Meniscus Reconstruction of right knee; February 11, 2004 Manipulation of right knee to get it bending; and November 17, 2004 Arthoscopic (sp?) surgery to remove scar tissue in said knee. Trauma, what do you mean trauma, there has been no trauma. So, I have physical therapy for another month, I can handle that, especially when I see people there that are where I was last year (glad its done and don't want to go back).

Well that should update y'all on this bunny's happenins. Hope that all had a glorious and safe holiday. From this Bunny Hole, keep on keepin' it.

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