Football, penalties and all

First, the knee is recovering well. I started physical therapy last week to get some strength back. It was interesting going back to therapy, all the therapists welcomed me back. I told them I just love the place so much I had to visit--therapy doesn't seem so bad when everyone is laid back.

Second, my hubby and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary this past weekend. He surprised me with a gift I would have never even thought of him getting me. He also made us a wonderful supper and we stayed in and watched a movie, it was a very nice evening.

Third, well it could be over for the SCCheeseHead in the VFL. Currently I sitting seventh of fourteen, just one seat out of the clinched playoff spots. Not to mention, I am currently losing this week's game. So, one never knows but I may be able to make it into the first round. One can only hope.

Fourth, the Packers have been keeping the games interesting. Last week they forgot to show up in Philly and the score surely reflected that. The worst thing about that game was that the ViQueens had lost earlier in the day and the Pack could have went out in front by their lonesome in the Central Division, but it was not to happen. But this last week was my kind of football week!!! Chicago lost to Jacksonville, Minnesota lost to Seattle (:D), and the Packers won over Detroit, my kind of Central Division day. This means that now the Packers are more than a game ahead of the ViQueens with three weeks left in the season. So, just once each of the next three Sundays say "Lets go Packers!!" with feeling.

Fifth, I best not ;)

Well that's it from this bunny hole, keep on keepin it. Peace

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