Still In Shock!!

Yes, I have knows since last Friday morning that I was chosen as one of six Guest Designers for Outta This Funk (OOTF), and I am still in total shock. I so cannot believe that I was picked, the amount of talent in that community is amazing!! I can say I am glad to see that my friends Nutter and Frogs were chosen as well, who knows the craziness we can get into on this one. I do have to say that I am totally honored to have been picked, the Inspiration Team members are some of my favorites of all time. So, having them pick me is beyond an honor. When I sent in my bio, I had no idea what to write, the only time I have ever done anything like that is for a cover letter, which is totally different. I realized I forgot to say how long I have scrapped or anything like that. But as hubby says, they all know you so really, but then there are members there that do not know me, so I wish I would have put more. But I guess if they want to know they can always ask.

So, I can say I am a designer, lol, even if its just a guest spot, its still very cool. If you would like to take a peek at OOTF please do. If you are a scrapper you will be sure to enjoy it, and gain lots of inspiration, if you are not a scrapper enjoy the beautiful work created by these awesome scrappers. Whoop whoop!!!!

Well that's it from the Bunny Hole, until next time, peace out!!

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Suzanne said...

you and me both buns! You KNOW I was totally blown away...but I'm glad I said yes...cause it's going to be just awesome working with you, Meg, and Kristy!