What's up Doc?

Life has been very crazy since my vacation.

The Friday I got home I had a doctor's appointment with my Orthopedic Surgeon. I informed him of the pain and stiffness that seems to be more often than not. He told me that it was scar tissue and that I could have it removed orthoscopically if I wanted to. I needed to think about this, I went and talked to my physical therapist, talked to my nurse, discussed it with my husband, and made a decision. So on Wednesday, November 17th say a little prayer for me. This is the third procedure on my right knee is just under a year, so it is old and new again. At least it will not be near as intense as the initial surgery. It was Christmas last year, this year it is Thanksgiving, ya just gotta love the holidays.

Other than this I have been doing a bit of crafting. I finally finished the "Packers Paws" page for our family album, game day is a big deal at our house. I have also laid out a family page, another wedding page, and two cards. Yep, yep I am a crafting machine. I can say that I truly love my Sizzix Die Cut system and die cuts. I have also really organized my space to allow for maximum scrapping capacity, between shelving and tool boxes life is good.

The SC CheeseHeads have won the last couple of weeks, which I like. I am currently in 7th place out of the 14 teams in the VFL. I even managed to beat the number one team last week, only by about 20 points but it was a win. The Green Bay Packers had a bye week last week, but they had won the three games going into the bye, good momentum. This week we (as if I am part of the team or something) play the Minnesota Vikings, or as we call them the Queens. The game is at Lambeau, however it is the Milwaukee season ticket holders game this week so no family in the stands. I really need a program from this game to see if the picture of my shoes made it in on the fan page. I guess I will have to keep my eyes open on eBay.

A new member of the family was born this last week, see previous post. A third little boy to my sister-in-law and her husband--named Ryan Dillon. I was hoping it would be a little girl, but a little boy will do just fine. Have not seen any pictures of him yet but my mother-in-law told me he was really cute, similar to his oldest brother as a baby. She may be biased, but I am going to believe her on this one.

I have made some updates to my web page, visit it if you wish.
That is all from this bunny hole, until next time, keep on keepin' it. Peace out

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