Finally football season has kicked off and into high gear. I am currently watching the Monday Night Football game Green Bay Packers vs. Carolina Panthers (Go Pack!), I listen to Field Pass on the Internet when the commentators start talking stupid. So yesterday was Fantasy Football day and boy what a day--I love the NFL Sunday Ticket. Yeah Packers just pulled ahead. Back to yesterday. I watched and listened to so many football games my head was spinning. I kept track of my fantasy team the SC CheeseHead by watching the Stat Tracker, that is a cool little feature. Then I flipped the Sunday Ticket between two or three games at 1 and again at 4, plus I listened to another game online, mute teleprompts on the TV. Football, is that a safe addiction?

Not much else to report except that the Sewer Rat Cat likes to take showers, go figure.

Oh, my Secret Pal likes me now, or at least feels very obligated to get me stuff. I first got a card and candy--Twizzler Bites and Good & Plenties, mmmmmmm. Then today I got a card and a Monkey that actually screeches. Very interesting--Hey! Get that monkey off my back!--and loud. Maybe it is a message that the library is really full of wild animals. Remind me to post the quote on my office door.

Second Half. :)

Back to my Green & Gold Bunny Hole.
Keep it real.

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