Yep, Thank God its Thursday!!

First, sorry it has been awhile, I have been tired and busy--as usual.

Second, today was not your average day. I got up reluctantly and got ready for work. Out the door about the same time as usual, well if I don't need to get gas. On my way to work all was going well, was a little behind schedule but no big deal I was not going to be late. I was just about to St. Matthews--I had just crossed the river, and a saw a State Trooper, checked my speed--cruise set at 60 mph no problem. Rollers came on, I slowed down, the squad car did a U-Turn on the highway, since no one else was in my lane I pulled over. I had no idea, with it drizzling I couldn't even believe I was getting pulled. Mister Police man approaches my car, staying behind my window making me turn to look at him. He asks for all the usual so I handed him everything and asked what the problem was, it was very television movie like. He said, "I clocked you going 76 in a 55," my jaw must have hit the steering wheel and my eyes bugged out of my head. I informed him that I set my cruise at 60 and I had checked my speed when I saw him. He then asked me why I went 60 in a 55 and I told him, "So the tree trucks don't run me off the road." He gave me a look like, uh that seems logical. He then went to his car, it didn't take long and he was back at my window. He told me that he had not cleared his camera from the last stop and that he was going to give me the benefit of the doubt and just issue me a warning. There was more, like where was I going and what time I had to be there, but it all worked out well, at least better then it could have. Want to wake up quick in the morning have rollers in your rear view mirror at 730 am. Well, needles to say the hubby is not all to happy with me, not sure if this will affect our safe drivers thing, but he is happy that it was not a ticket. He cannot believe that I told the cop I was speeding and did not get a ticket for that--but I really did not want to lie to him, plus it just came out. The one thing I forgot, he spelled my name wrong on the warning, so I guess I did not get a warning after all. Silly little "H!"

Other then that not much else has been going on. Monday Night Football was a great game and the Packers did win, hurray, and I even won my Fantasy Football game and my rank in the VFL is 5th of 14-Cheese Head-Hurray. My team needs some serious help, so if anyone has some suggestions please let me know, I really need some receivers that receive and some another running back that actually runs. Ah yes, football one of the reasons to love fall so very much.
Football 4

Well, there, now everyone is caught up. Sorry no real rants today, other than the "h" getting put on my name, but that is actually an old rant so we will save that one for maybe a rainier day then today. Hurricanes need to go away, thank you very much. Well I am back to my bunny hole, make it a good one.

Keep it real.


nate said...

shouldn't it be TGIT?
just wondering....

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