Why do people wait five minutes at a stop sign and then pull out in front of you when there is no traffic behind you? Thanks for the break and horn check but my heart didn't need all that excitement.

Why does fore said person then insist on going below the speed limit? I mean really they were in such a hurry to get in front of me, the accelerator is the long vertical peddle on the right.

Why do people give you the dirty look when you honk at them for their idiotic driving ability? Using the term ability loosely here.

Why do people with trucks, especially the Z71 Off Road, have spinner wheels? I have seen this.

Why do people spend all that money on 4 wheel drive vehicles when they know they will never use them for that purpose? i.e., the Escalade--I mean really people can we be practical here. Oh and someone please explain to me the reason for a low-rider pick up truck, because I am totally confused on that.

Ahh the joys of driving, there is one good thing about the stupid drivers: they allow for me to vent on the way home from work. The down side, in the morning it can really be a bummer, lucky for me Ace and TJ can keep me laughing. And if all else fails, good heavy rock and roll real loud can do the job!
Head Banger

There, glad I got out of the way.

This week has been another week of Mondays, or at least it seems like that. Work has been okay, some irritations but I have been trying to handle them calmly and professionally. Besides that it just seems like I never have enough time in my day to get all my work done. My to-do list gets things crossed off but it never seems to get shorter either. One day at a time, just have to keep reminding myself of that, otherwise I will go more insane then some think I already am.

On the brighter side, we now have wireless networking in the house. I am so excited about it, no more yelling at the terror cats to stop chewing on the cord. Not to mention I will be able to access my 40 gigs of music on the old desk top, woo-whoo, I could do a jig but I don't want to blow out the knee.

Well that's it for now from this little bunny hole. Keep it real.

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