Cat in a box

Our cats have always loved boxes, to play in them and eat them (don't ask). But the little terror cat more than loves boxes, if one is in the house he is in it. It doesn't even matter the size. Last night he was in a soda 12 pack box. And when he is in the box you can do almost anything to him. Last night while in the box the hubby was flipping him around and he just took it. Now tonight he has been fighting for control of a large cooler box. The fight is not with his little sisters either, it is with the big one and she only out weighs him by about 15 pounds. He certainly is as courageous as he is curios. Usually she backs down from him but not tonight, nope she was like this is my box go play in the other one. Very interesting. Funny how you won't know he is even around and then out of a box he comes flying (maybe a bell on his collar would be a good idea--well except when he is chasing his tail at insanely early hours of the morning.)

Okay quick note, enough with the hurricanes already. One would think being in the midlands of South Cackalacki we would not need to worry as much about these types of storms, but we do. Last year we could actually hear the hurricane off the coast of Myrtle Beach, but this year there has been more. We felt some winds from Charlie and with Frances we got over 5 inches of rain and wind, luckily the tornados from each missed us. Now we are looking at Ivan, waiting and wondering what it is going to do. I am truly hoping that it misses us, but I am very worried about FLA, I have friends and acquaintances there.

Well that is all for now from this little bunny hole, hope all is well in your little hole.
Keep it real.

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