Meetings and scavenger hunts

Well my week of meetings is finally done, I had at least one meeting everyday this week. All of those meetings can make it difficult to get done all the stuff that needs to get done--and there is a lot to be done, TRUST ME. I did manage to create some catalog records from items I could not find in FirstSearch, pretty cool, I like it when I can cross things off my list. Unfortunately due to Frances moving north FirstSearch was having some major slow downs (just my idea as to why it was moving at a snails pace on Thursday.) Meetings went rather well too, well as far as meetings go. This week I have only two, back to back library committee and Hiz Day, but at least those are relatively productive.

Hiz Day seems to be coming along nicely. We have been organizing fund raisers so that we will be able to afford sound and a big name band, or at least a labeled band. The event is April 30, 2005 at SMC believing to start at noon. What is Hiz Day you ask. Well it is a music celebration of Christ and all that he has done for us--Bless this day that the Lord has made. If you are in the O'burg area that day stop by and enjoy the music.

Ah, yes my weekly scavenger hunt was on again this morning. That is what I call my weekly trips to Wally World for supplies. I say this because it never fails that I have to ask someone where something is--like tooth picks today, somehow I got lucky and found the one blue vest that actually knew where they were (the only lucky thing all day). Then I get to the soup isle, what is it with this isle that makes them think that it should be rearranged every three months. When I got there this elderly lady was telling the soup lady that they should stop mixing everything up because she can never find it and it seems like once she has learned where it is they move it. She replied with some comment about new products being eye-level and the lady spouted back, "that's not my eye leave!" Bless her, it really was cute, and she was telling the truth. They seem to rearrange that store all the time, just when you get the new configuration down they switch it on you, if they are still carrying it.

The last time it happened was when I was laid up from surgery, the hubby was doing all the grocery shopping, well on day he was gone a particularly long time considering the list was not that long. Come to find out they had moved every thing around and it took him twice as long to get half as much. I suppose they do it so that people wander more and then buy more. But really they shouldn't do that, people's time is very precious to them. Even if I do have time to wander through that store trying to find something is not how I would like to spend it. Maybe looking through the DVD's on sale or through all the CD's, or even the crafting area, but not for an item that was on row 8b last week that has now made it one section over and six rows up. And those signs at the end of the rows do not help at all, well at least on the rows where they have them, and why is only one end of the row marked, what if you are coming from the other side, lets be logical here. Yep scavenger hunts can be so entertaining at 9 am on Friday, at least I got my exercise.

How's that for a rant?

Well this bunny needs to go to her hole. Hope all is well, keep it real.

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