Forever and a day

Yes that is how long it has been since I posted last, my apologies.

Not much has happened over the last week or so. I lost one and won one in fantasy football, the Packers lost two games, and there has been weather from at least two hurricanes. Nope not much here. We have received no less then three frantic phone calls from family members wondering if we were safe. They really shouldn't watch the weather channel, things get hyped a bit a think for national--they were bad where they hit, but the "Cone of Probability" can be a little scary.

Back to football. The Packers did lose, but at least they were relatively good games so that helps. As for my SCCheeseHeads we are doing much better. I was down to 7 of 14 but with some help, and you know who you are, I am back up to third place. Hurray! So, for football there is an up side as well as a down side, sure do wish it was only an up side but you can't win all the time.

The library has been going, it has its ups and downs too, good thing is is on the up side more often because I'm not sure if I would have any hair left. I mean really, I have one good nerve but even that end gets frayed from time to time. For those of you who help twist that nerve back to good, thank you, for those of you who fray it, please STOP!!!! :P

Well that is all from this little bunny hole.
Keep it real and keep on keepin' on.


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