Another Day

Ah Saturday, a day to sleep in and relax. Not here, nope bright and early 730 am someone is mowing their lawn. I mean really people is that necessary, how rude. I could hardly believe it, I guess that is why some people say some people are alive simply because it is against the law to kill them. Maybe it should be against the law to mow before 9 am on a Saturday. Sheesh!!

Other than that the day went pretty well. We drove to Lexington to get a new front axel arm for the hubbies new toy. He needed a new part because he broke the other one by ramming the truck into a steel tiki torch pole at warp speed. Yep he broke it the first day he really had it to play with. Oh well, no big deal the piece wasn't to diffecult nor expensive to replace. After that we went to Best Buy to get some CDs, basically that is why I drove or went along for that matter. It was strange at the hobby shop, not many women most go there, because it got quiet and they all looked strangely at me when I walked in first. I felt like I was tresspassing, but oh well sorry to walk in on the testosterone parade. Back to Best Buy, I got three CDs and then we went to look at MP3 players--it was going to be just looking. However, I did end up getting a really nice one, it is 20 gigs with a remote, very cool. Haven't had much time to play with it but I am sure that it will help my "music 'whoring'" go to a whole new level. (For those of you who do not know me I lovingly refer to myself as a music whore because I love music--most kinds, and have all kinds of it, so please do not get offended it is all in fun). Yep, now I have the 40 gig slave drive full on the old desk top, many MBs on the laptop, many CD's original and personal mixes (I really love doing this) and another 20 gigs on the little player life is good.
Electric Slide

As far as work goes I started yet another project. Cataloging and making accessible the rare books in the Methodist Collection, this is going to be a big one. Due to this I have decided that periodicals can wait to be bound, I am going to have some of these books rebound instead. I mean we have them but they are hiding in the open because no one knows that we have them, and if I have them bound then they can be used, even if it is only within the confines of the library. Isn't it better to have access then to have no access at all? So, besides binding I will need to get some other supplies because rare books are handled differently but in the end it should all be worth it. Other than that we are still redoing the collection, have to enter in the OSGGS sources into the catalog as well--what kind of librarian am I trying to make access easier for patrons, shame on me, painting, and meetings. I love meetings could have them all day everyday, NOT. I have one this coming week in particular that I am somewhat nervous about so say a prayer and think of me at 830 Wednesday morning, is that to early to be professional and adorable all at the same time?

Well there it is another day or so in a nut shell, hey look its me in a nut shell. Keep it real kids. Back to my bunny hole.

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