Every day is a Monday

A week full of Mondays, man do I ever hate when that happens. As if Mondays are not bad enough all ready but then to have four of them in a row is just plain wrong.

Monday: twisted my surgically repaired knee, pleasant. I also managed to leave my work keys on my desk at work. Blonde moment on my part! Spilled coffee on one of my nice suits while getting in my car to leave work (at least I was leaving and it wasn't HOT coffee).

Tuesday: my white kitten Cotton became "Sewer Rat Cat" by jumping into the flushing toilet not soon after I got home from work. Please refer to previous postings.

Wednesday: paper cut under my fingernail right at the nail paralleling it. OUCH!! Not to mention rolling a 19 on a 20 sided die for my VFL (Fantasy Football) Draft number, you guessed last, unless someone doesn't roll before the cut-off day. Fingers crossed on that one.

Thursday: its just one of those days. It really hurts to type because of the paper cut, and it is the "e" key finger too.

Sure thing, nothing better then a week full of Mondays. Today was not as bad, injury wise; and I had an enjoyable lunch. Thanks for the french fries, you know who you are.

Today is my Friday work wise, HURRAY, the weekend is here! No long drive to work just some errands to run. For those of you working Friday my apologies but--I don't have to work today, I don't have to work todayTongue Out (sorry had to do it)

Oh and sorry about Hurricane Alex, go figure that the curse of my parents still looms. They have a remarkable track record of visiting a place and soon after they leave it is destroyed by natural disaster. Hum, maybe Mother Nature is trying to say something. Case in point, we snowmobiling through Yellow Stone National Park the winter before the fire. Again, SORRY!

Keep it real.


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nate said...

no prob. my mom payed for the fries anyway =P