Get in the Hole

Well we are still paint and the reference room is torn up. But man does it ever look good. Loving the bright color, and painting has been fun, well except the ladder.

Okay, I am not fond of heights so being on a ladder 8 feet in the air is not my idea of a good time, but I did it for the team. Today I was standing on the last rung of the ladder before the DO NOT STAND OR SIT ON top part painting the window trim and the molding. I almost fell twice, not my idea of a good time. I had my ankles locked against the sides of the ladder but I had to bend over some to get the paint on my brush. Bending down not the problem, standing back up big problem. At least I got down, but not before one of my laughing attacks, which did not make my dismount any smoother. Hopefully I will not have to do that again for a while. Does anyone think it may have been easier if all the built ins were not in the way? Stupid circulation desk, always in the way. Y'all will have to stop by when it is done and see how nice it looks. Wait a minute aren't you suppose to use the library for homework? Humm, concept.

Just remember the montra for the week: "Get in the Hole, Get in the Hole!" Paint cinder block once and you will understand.

Keep it real.

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nate said...

yep. I'm feelin' ya on that one. Dale Crochet taught me how to paint cinder block. I'm still not any good at it tho' =P.