Are Mondays Contagious?

My week of Mondays turned into my husbands full day of Mondays on Friday. He got up early to go to Wal-Mart so I could take his car in to get the oil changed. Once he got back to the car with a buggy full of perisables he notices that his car has a flat tire, not good at 5 am. So, he fills the tire with Flat Fix, if you don't have some in your car get some, and brings the groceries home. He then has to get his tire fixed so he goes into the tire place, the manager is there, but no workers, they come in late. Did I mention he would have been on his way to work after dropping off the groceries? They finally get his tire fixed, so he is only three hours late for work. He came home and went to do some work in the woods. No big deal right? WRONG. Not only did he lose a spring thing off the mower thing for the tractor but he lost his glasses. Yep, cannot find them anywhere. So my week of Mondays did continue too. Luckily it did get better.

Had a very eventful weekend. Friday I went to the bank and the store with the dogs, at the bank they got treats. They love riding in the car, about knocked me over going out the door they were so excited to go. Usually in August in South Carolina dogs in the car is cruel, but it was cool enough out with a nice breeze I felt they deserved the treat. When we got home we didn't do much. But they did get their hair cut. It took me three hours to shave both dogs! The little one is a little bit more cooperative then the big one, not to mention two little kitties wanting to get into everything. It was very interesting. Once the shaving was done I sent them outside for thier bath, which they would perfer we forget about.

Worked in my home office all weekend too, trying to get it more orgainzed for what it is used for. It used to be a study while I was in graduate school but now it has turned into craft central so things need to be changed. This is however a two person project seeing that I need shelves in the closet so I can actually get at everything. Not to mention that I will be adding about four boxes of books and a box of War Between the States Memorbilia. I still have a lot of books out, mostly first edition and collections dealing with the previously mentioned war, but some are going away for now. I cannot wait to have a study where all these beautiful books can be displayed, but for now I will have to pick and choose those which to show. No worries, the Harry Potter Collection is still out, and better displayed also.

Other then that didn't do to much, swam for a while one day and we went out to eat as a treat on Saturday afternoon. Basically the weekend was spent cleaning, spending time with the animals, and recovering from a week full of mondays for the whole household. Because if one of us is having a bad day we are all having a bad day.

Hope all is well out there, keep it real.


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