Ranting little Bunny thoughts!!!

Rain Rain please don't stay your making my library rot away.

And that is all I am saying about that!!!

Today was one of those days, not as bad as yesterday but still a day. Started with the dog crying at 2 am to go outside. He never does that, all I know is that he is very lucky he did what he said he needed to. Then of course the other dog had to attend him, so when they came back in their paws were wet so they couldn't come back to bed. I am so used to them in the bad it is difficult to get back to sleep with out them. Yep, I am a pet parent and love 'em all to no end!

Oops, got off track, that will happen.

Work was work. Got some stuff done, worked on a project I have been procrastinating for a while now. Unfortunately, I got only about half way through it when all effectiveness was done. But at least I did get some of it done. My two favorite little cleaners came by and made the library beautiful, well once ya look past the wall color (but that is getting fixed:)!) Thought I was tie dying this morning but then it ended up being in the afternoon, which actually was better. Had an interesting discovery that would have been more tragic in the morning. After the first round of tie-dying shirts for Hiz Day 04, we put all the supplies in the bucket, including a full gallon of soda ash water. Well needless to say when we opened the bucket it was a good thing we had everything, but the directions, in plastic bags, because it was all floating. That's right, the soda ash gallon developed a hole in the bottom and made somewhat of a mess. Plastic bags saved us N8. The process went very smoothly this afternoon, cannot wait to see how the five shirts and two pairs of socks turned out. If I am lucky I will have a really cool rainbow spiral. We even managed to keep the library clean and not get any dye on myself. Then it was time to go.

Okay, still working on the date I am going to go to the football game up in Green Bay. Before that though there is the draft for my Fantasy Football team the SC Cheeseheads. I will take suggestions, especially if ya know anything about football. Any one who knows me knows I love football, especially my Packers, so if they wear Green & Gold they are definitely on my possible draft list. Have one rule, they cannot be a Viking--which makes Brock Lesner a big ZERO. I guess they are scraping the bottom of the barrel up in Minnesota.

Well hope it has been real for all.

I guess that is a Bunny Rant.

Peace, Y'all!

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