Are you sure its not Monday?

Yes my month of Mondays continues. Today just seemed like a day that was just stagnant. Faculty meeting was postponed, painted, had Hiz Day, painted, book orders, and then the man from the bindery showed up. The bindery man was a surprise and I was in no way prepared for him at all. None of the forms were filled out because the confused me. He showed me how to fill them out and was willing to wait for me to prepare all the journals for binding. However, this was not working for me because somehow all the journals got out of order and were basically being uncooperative. So, needless to say it will be another month before all that stuff gets done, oh well at least now I know how to fill out the form.

I think my secret pal doesn't like me. Oh well, maybe I am just to eclectic to get a handle on. But really, send me some licorice or white chocolate or peanut butter and I am good to go.

Not much else. I am still enjoying the Olympics, I do wish that they could start the cool stuff a little earlier in the evening, stupid central time. Didn't go swimming today, should probably do some exercises since I see the doctor Friday. Pray that I finally get released, stupid girth. For those of you scratching your head, I had my right ACL repaired in December and am still under the doctor's care. Just remember to be good to your knees because you will miss them when they are gone.
Dancing Dancing

that's it for this Bunny Rant, hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Keep it real!


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