No quiet here

Thought I would give an update on the state of LCL.

We are still painting, would have loved to have had this done prior to the start of the semester but I am just glad to have the paint. The insanity green is almost gone, at least in the reference room which is getting its second coat of paint. We still have the ed room, hallway, me office, and then what ever else it will color. Would love to paint the bathrooms but not sure how far we can get the paint to go. The windows are getting fixed, hurray! Only a couple more to go. We have noticed over the last few days that quiet does not work well in a library going through renovation. With painting, hammering, and the wonderful trains there is no such thing. I may not help with that, show up on the right day at the right time and you could get the stand-up routine.

Other than that the library is shaping up really well. I ordered books today, so I am itching for that new book smell to show up on my door step. I also got to actually be a librarian today, like what I went to school for--reference. Sure did, answered some questions, gave some guidance, taught a little, and hopefully helped a lot. I even learned something about a search engine I like to use, you can search within the clusters, so totally cool. Anyway, I really like being able to help students, showing them how to find things and get the most out of the sources and resources we have available.

The new library website is also looking pretty cool, kudos to LN and the others. Now I just have to get her the journal/periodical information and we should be good to go. Probably need to add some more links on the internet resources page, guess I better find them. Any suggestions?

Well it is more painting and a faculty meeting tomorrow, wish me luck, at least lunch is with the Hiz Day crew. Until then. . .

. . .Keep it real!

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