I would hurt myself

Okay I have been watching the Olympics all weekend long. Not just the normal sports, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, but the unusual ones too, table tennis, badminton, beach volley ball, trampoline (I know that shocked me too.) I have been watching them basically because they are only on once every four years and because I know that a lot of this stuff I could never do. Watching gymnastics makes me hurt, I know I could not do half that stuff and of the half I could do I would probably be busted in two afterwards. One of our women gymnasts tore her ACL just over a year ago and she won silver in the vault. My knee goes out just watching her. I had that same injury and surgery and 8 months out of surgery I would not even think of that, I am happy to go up and down stairs like an adult.

Then there is the marathon, 26.2 miles of running. Now all I can say is that the only reason I am running is if something big, mean, and hairy is chasing me and after the first 100 yards I would let them have me. I am just amazed at these athletes. I was in sports growing up, ice hockey, swimming, volley ball, soft ball, but the dedication and commitment that these athletes shows is just unbelievable. I say they all get a medal--you finished the marathon, here's the copper medal. I mean really, just for making it to the Olympics is a big win all in itself. So Olympic athletes I salute you for doing things I know I cannot do and doing them without getting hurt (or almost), you GO.

Yep, that was my weekend, watching the Olympics, which has been sports overload for my hubby. It sure does make me miss volley ball :(

Did I do anything else? Oh yeah, I cleaned different areas of the house, made two batches of croutons which were quickly gobbled up by the afore mentioned hubby, and we went for a ride in the Jeep to see the logger damage. All-in-all it was a fun weekend, unfortunately it went to quickly and I didn't get everything done, including that illusive swim, but there is always tomorrow. Wait I have way to much to do for tomorrow, man. Maybe them paint fumes can take me away.

Getting in my hole. Keep it real.

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