Olympic games and home improvement

The 2004 Summer Olympics have started, did not watch the opening ceremonies--sorry Stargate SG-1 was new--but I have watched some of the televised events. Love the coverage by the Bravo Channel. I got to watch women's field hockey and both the men and women's single table tennis. Exciting stuff, did you know that after the 2000 games they made the table tennis ball bigger in order to make the game more spectator friendly? I just don't get that. I also don't get why there are professional sports figures competing in the Olympics. I always thought that the these were the amateur games, you know the step before going professional. I mean really, that seems to be a large disadvantage. Sure other teams other than the United States have pros on there team, that really tall Yo (just be impressed that I even know this) guy plays for China. I just feel it wrong, let those who don't make the big paycheck have their time to shine, let them get some fame, and let them honor their country at the games.

Let me know what you think about this, because it really does bother me.

Okay, the spouse and I went to the happy home improvement store the other day for some supplies. He is playing carpenter boy and building himself some heavy duty shelves for his room. I think we could dance on the thing, but it does have to hold some pretty heavy stuff. I went for the purpose of finding a paint color for the bathroom used by the cats as well as guests. It is a small bathroom with a blue counter top, so I want something bright. I also want to do some sort of finish on the wall--this is my practice house so no big deal. However, all those paint colors just made the project that much worse. I ended up with a stack of the paint chip color things that is like two inches tall, mostly oranges and some reds. I did pick up some greens but have decided that green is way out when it comes to my house (to much in LCL).

I am leaning toward a rose red, like I said it has to go with the blue counter, and then doing a silver wash over that. I have some cute cat pulls for the door. The only problem with all this is if I will need to paint the wood work or not, no big deal but then I have to find another color, and seeing how difficult it has been so far I am not sure. When I painted the kitchen I knew I wanted a bright yellow, so finding the right yellow was a bit easier. I had thought orange, but now I am leaning toward that red, or maybe a berry. Would I be going to far if I were to but a fish skeleton motif on the walls, like a random pattern? The master bath is tropical fish, so maybe the cat bathroom should be dead fish.
Off Your Trolly
Humm, one fish two fish, red fish blue fish, old fish dead fish new fish.

Decisions decisions, HELP! Calgon Take ME away. The madness of the colors is making me go slowly insane. I guess if I don't change the color I can always use the chips in scrap booking.
Stop The Insanity

Well there is this addition of the bunny rantings.

Keep it real.


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