There's that SMELL again!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! The smell of new books, ya just gotta love it. Some people like new car smell I love the smell of new books. You open the box and there it is, freshly printed paper and binding, mmmmmmm. Yep, new books have started to come in and I get all excited about it. I guess it is one way to show that I am actually doing my job. Plus, I get to put the new titles in the "What's New at LCL" part of the newsletter. I really like to be able to do that, not that it draws a crowd or anything. Never know, one of these days there will be that title that just knocks 'em off their seats and the will bust the doors down trying to get it. Yep now I am dreaming, but at least I'm dreaming.

Think maybe that week of vacation made me just a touch loonier then I had been previously? Who would have thought, me even more crazy then before. I guess a week with two recovering kittens will do that to a person. But they sure are cute, Cotton and Dixie.

Pretty soon it will be from the smell of fresh paint. Yep, the color has been picked now LCL is just waiting on the green light to get the 10 gallons of paint for our little neck of SMC. That's right soon the reference room will be an inviting Banana Cream yellow to invite everyone in. A nice soothing color that will not offend the eyes instantaneously. Yep, no more insanity green, and if we are lucky the entire library (except the MR) will get a new glow. Yep yep way excited about that, one color--and a perty one at that.

Enough on that rant, this Bunny is off. Shhhhh, and turn in them books!


nate said...

yep. definately dreaming.

Library Bunny said...

But dreaming is so much more pleasant then the hard cold thoughts of reality.