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We finally got the paint for the library yesterday so today we started painting. The color looks so good, but then anything would be better than insanity green, or as one patron put it incarceration green. The color is a yellowish cream, banana cream, and really brightens up the library. When I left there was only one wall left in the reference room that needed the first coat. There will need to be a second coat, but things are moving so good it should be done by Friday--hopefully.

The fumes were getting pretty good in the library today. I got a little light headed, that was after the ladder incident, and more goofy then usual. Good thing we had pizza or I would probably not have survived the day. Had to go orientate new students to the library, hope it went well but the fume effects were in full force. Sorry if I bored ya or didn't make any sense. Now all I can smell is paint, and I am not even covered in it, just what I needed burned into my nasal cavity. Actually I am rather clean which surprised me after the shelf incident one would think I would be covered.

What should we paint next? My office or the education room? The entire library needs to be painted except for the Methodist and Periodicals rooms. Help me out here.

Remember to clean your brushes and the plastic tarps are slippery.

Keep it real.


nate said...

gopher your office first. 'cause if you start to get tired towards the end of all the painting insanity you can find safe haven in your already painted office...
good theory, eh?

Library Bunny said...

That is one way to look at it. Anybody else?