What an awesome time!!!!

That's right you guessed it I am back from my scrappy adventure to Utah and it was an absolute blast. The scrappy shopping was awesome, better than expected, I promise I did leave some paper there. The crop was a blast too, didn't get much done but I had a great time meeting all the ladies from CX and such. It was awesome that some of the non croppin' CX ladies stopped by to say hi. I was so bummed that we missed Jen G. Next time, oh sheesh, I sure hope there is a next time. Ok, I guess I better do a recap.

1:30 a.m. get up and get ready to go to the airport
2:30 a.m. leave for said airport
4:15 a.m. arrive at said airport
6:30 a.m. get on plane one (did I mention there was only suppose to be one plane, yeah right, that is a whole other blog post)
8:04 a.m. land at airport two--hurry to get to plane two
8:30 a.m. arrive at plane two, they are boarding :growl:
10:34 a.m. arrive in Salt Lake City, Utah! whooop whoop, I am dog tired but it didn't last long
11 a.m. Harps gets me at the airport and we cruise around to see about something to eat, yeah I haven't eaten yet
NOON Done eating, let the shopping begin--we hit two stores before we went back to her house so she could see the family, I could drop my stuff off, and then we were off to the store she works at and where the crop is going to be.

5 p.m. So, while Harps taught her class I walked around the lss there and well shopped with out a care in the world. I then went next door to JoAnns, wow, so not like the crusty ones in town here. And the scrappy section there was huge!!! Went back to Heartland, shopped more. When Harps got done with class some of the Utah girls showed up to help set up for the crop. Kitty, Val, Jen, and Mon were all so sweet!!! We got that done and off to the house for some sleep.

10:30 p.m. Back at Harps and chatting with her and her husband, they are so cute. I believe I hit the bed about 11:30 or so. Long day but so much fun.

7 a.m. Up!! Stupid internal clock.
9 a.m. Leave house for crop, errands and coffee on the way. I must have coffee to be human.
9:30 a.m. Arrive at Heartland to get the croppin' started. I got to meet TB and his wife, they dropped off the prizes that CX donated, what an awesome place. Shortly there after, Scatty, Meg, Stacy, and Leslie showed up. The Southern contingent was present and accounted for. People started to trickle in, Christine, Shan`e, Roshelle, Alicia, (if I spell a name wrong I am so sorry), Randi, I am forgetting two or three names, they will come to me. Anyway, by the end of the day, we were all there, Nana, Shellie, and Mer joined us. We went to the other store and did a little Make-n-Take, fun little tag.

Lots and lots of chatting, I did manage to finish a page, and get almost done with a second. :D We all left the crop about 12 or a little after. Off to the house and hit the bed.

7 a.m. Up and adam, stupid internal clock!!
8:30 a.m. go for breakfast at Jen's house, she is so fun!!
10 a.m. Leave to go to DCWV!!! Wow what a blast this was. We got a tour, then off to lunch and a focus group--their first ever, very cool stuff. After that we went to their warehouse where we got to shop at 75% off prices. OMG let me tell you what, a girl could get in some serious trouble in there :D.

4 p.m. Arrive back at Heartland after a small pit stop at Wally World, I did find some really cute pj's and a Happy Bunny Halloween shirt :D. I needed some better jammies, it was jammie night!! I did manage to finish my page, and an entire other page. So my page count on day two was four, I know impressive as all get out.

Harps had to go home early, she was not feeling well. So, I followed Roshelle back to the house in Harps's DH's van. I am just going to say, experience, and no I don't drive a mini van. It was about 1 or so when I finally got to sleep.

7:30 a.m. Wow look, internal snooze! LOL
9:30 a.m. Ride with Ashley (I so know I spelled that wrong) ride to Heartland, for we are taking a little field trip to the store that Mer works at, and then its my big day.
11 or so we leave for Mer's LSS, a little late, but better late than never. Wow, what a fun little store it was too!!! Again, I had a great time shopping. I honestly do not know how my brain did not just explode, all the fun scrappy stuff that I have never seen face to face before. I tell ya, a girl can go crazy, and yes I did, thank you very much!! Oh, and there just happens to be a Roberts just down the way, well yes I had to go. Now for those that don't know, Robert's is like a Micheal's' or an AC Moore. Good deals in there too!! Naughty, yes and loving it! Ok, we need to cruise, Shellieh and I have plans.

1:30 Back at Heartland, food, makeup and hair--yes I got a little girlie girl. More on that later :wink:

5:30 / 6 p.m. Back to Heartland, supper is about ready, then the Personal Trainer guy came in to show us some stretches to do. Very helpful. By this time I really had to start packing, what an over whelming prospect that was. Oh, but we did play Greedy Girls, and that was fun, I will be sure to post pictures from that! Then packing. I decided to leave almost everything I bought there and had Harps ship it. I didn't want to go over weight on my suitcase, $80 seemed a bit steep when I knew I could get the stuff in some flat rate boxes (well Harps). So, I got my stuff all packed up, said my see y'all laters and I was off to the airport.

11:55 p.m. Get on plane number one

5:30 a.m. Arrive in Atlanta, airport number two for a three hour layover, joy and bliss
8:30 a.m. Second plane leaves for Charlotte
10:04 a.m. Arrive in Charlotte
12:30 p.m. Arrive at Home HURRAY

Once I got cleaned up I just lounged around on the couch all day and watched football, I love watching football. Snoozed some too. Well, I know I didn't discuss my loot, but I am saving that for when it arrives. I cannot wait, I wonder if I should take that afternoon off? LOL. Alright, thats it for now, until next time, peace!


some kind of wonderful said...

very jealous! so glad you had so much fun! i can only imagine the scrappy shopping out there! i would be drooling! glad you're back!

Andrea Amu said...

I had fun reading everything you did. That was one huge itinerary!

harpgirl said...

LET"S DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!