Bunny Blogging Take Two

Hey all y'all!!!

I realize that its been a long while. I will attempt to do better no promises.

Let's start with an update, the last time I posted I had just got the Cataloging job at the Law Library.

Well, I started on August 16th and have been loving it. In December I actually became the Head of Tech Services, and the Acquisitions Librarian. I have four full time assistants, one part time assistant, and a part time catalog librarian in my department. It sure does keep me busy.

Let me say one thing, the Law Librarians and the vendors sure know how to throw a party!! Baton Rouge was great, went there for SEALL, then I went to New Orleans for AALL, and this past July I attended AALL in Portland. I have met a lot of great people, and wonderful resources. Another cool thing about going on trips for work, I get to meet my CX friends in person, which is very cool.

I am still scrapping away--that will be the next post, I need to hit the bed.

Y'all have a good one, peace out from the hole!


Mer said...

I heard that librarians are hard partiers! :D

One week to the crop!!! :D

Library Bunny said...

You must have talked to Teri!! I will be there in less than one week, whoop whoop!!!

Andrea Amu said...

Ohhh, very cool that you are bloggin' too now, Buns!