And its not even my Birthday!!

i pod
i mac
i spoiled

YES I AM!!!!

What a fun day for me. First, I finally broke down and decided to get the Big Bug aka Cricut Expression machine. What finally sold me was the ability to make my own embossing folders and stamps. I know they are working on some other stuff too, so yes I finally got bit by the bug. I have yet to play with it, but I think it likes its new home. This weekend I will have to look at it and see what I can do. But I am way excited!!

Second, dh came home with a present for me too, an iMac, and its beautiful. But of course I am going to have learn a new system, but I have a feeling I am going to be in love!!!

And third, its only six more days and I will be in Salt Lake City baby!!!!!! That is right, the Bunny is going on the road to crop with some girls from CX, and of course some scrappy shopping. I have been saving up for months, I mean really I am going to the mecca of Scrappydom and I am beyond stoked about it.

So, yes I am spoiled, but its all good, I am worth it.

Until next time, peace out from the Bunny Hole!!!


Suzanne said...

holy shmokes! i can't believe that buns is blogging again! you are one little spoiled bunny! I cant even remember the last time hubby spoiled me like that. Lucky woman!

harpgirl said...