Getting almost time!!

I cannot believe that in two days I will be in SLC shopping with little miss Harps at all the Scrappy stores. I am sure its not what I envision, you know a scrappy store on every corner, and isles and isles of paper, but its all good. I cannot be disappointed in the shopping, if I am most likely in need of a good shrink, lol.

So, today was my only day of work at work, and it was busy. Worked on the (and just forgot something I was suppose to do) reports I had started last week. I have most of them done, but the one I needed done before I left was done, so that is good. I had two meetings today, Department Heads, which I was almost late for, and a Faculty Meeting, which I was a little late for. I would have been on time, but seriously students do not know how to move through the hallways. Oh, and at lunch a few of us went down to the Fair Grounds, its South Carolina State Fair Time, for lunch. And man was that corn dog ever good, Bailey's are the best!!!! The fried mushrooms were awesome, and the sweet potato fries could have been crispier but still mmmmmmm, my allotment of grease has been met for the remainder of the year.

Other than that, just having some Internet issues at the house, but we are taking care of that. Hopefully I will get home from my trip and we will be all set up with high speed--how cool would that be. Not near as cool as going to crop in Salt Lake City baby!!!! Did I mention that? Oh, and one last thing, I got to see the most precious pic of my friends new baby girl Ella today. I need more details, but that little girl is beautiful with her full head of hair. Welcome Ella!!! And Frogs, breath, if nothing else breath, and buzz me if you need me girl.

Well that is it for now, have a good one, and if by chance I am MIA for a couple days its because I am in Salt Lake City, and I will be sure to update when I get back. Peace out from the Bunny Hole!!!

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harpgirl said...

{{SQUEEE!}} You are on the plane right now! Just a few short hours till I pick you up!