Its been a while

I know I know, its been forever and a day, so sue me, life has been happening.

Actually a lot has happened since I last posted, well duh its been almost a year, so I guess I best get y'all up to speed.

October--G's funeral, not fun.
November-- Croppin' for HizDay and the Inlaws came for Thanksgiving, lots of fun. We had fun at the after Thanksgiving Day sales
December--7th wedding anniversary and Christmas, whoo hoo fun
January--New Year's Day at Lambeau Field and the Packers WON!, more fun than you could imagine. I went to the game with DH's best freind, he had never been to Lambeau and was totally taken aback by the experience.
February--Birthday and basically uneventful
March--Not much at all other than scrappin and getting ready for HizDay. I did manage to win some more Sizzix at CX (I love that place)
April--HizDay, which was a blast the weather cooperated and the bands rocked
May--My last month at SMC, a little sad but good. We also had to have our oldest cat Callie put to sleep, she was very sick and it was for the best, this was very very sad.
June--Dad has been sick, went to visit him and mom in WI, stressful trip but good nonetheless
July--Not much, going to FL to crop with friends

See caught up already and as you can see my life has been pretty boring. Other than looking for a new job and scrapping away not much has been going on. I will attempt to stay up to date on this, not sure if it will happen, but hey I do what I can.

Thats it for now from the Bunny Hole, Peace

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Lainey said...

Keep it updated, already! Heeheehee. :)